German Motorcycles

NSU Quickly S 1957

With the excellent engineering of the Quickly moped providing a quality machine that totally blew away its competitors when it was introduced... and easy spares availability 50 years later should you ever need any this must be one of the most practical 54-year-old vintage vehicles you could own and ride.

Unsurprisingly, NSU Quicklyís have become very popular with enthusiasts who like riding fifties classic motorcycles without spending a fortune.

This example is in good all-round condition. The petrol tank, front panel and wheels have been repainted, but the rest of the paintwork is original, unrestored. It is missing its badges on the front panel and petrol tank but these are not hard to find (Roger Wortonís NSU Quickly Spares company provides an excellent service to keep our Quickly on the road).

Image and description courtesy BuyVintage.com