German Motorcycles

NSU Quickly L 1958

1958 NSU Quickly Model ëLí Luxus

This is a rare model of NSU Quickly, being the company's deluxe version with extra bodywork.

On the sides of the parcel shelf behind the saddle are 4 retainers. These fitted special straps with clips that were sold by NSU. They were like an early version of a bungee. You could either strap down a shopping bag, or fit a large box on the back.

As it says in the advertising brochures for the Quickly L, NSU had made half a million Quicklys by the time this model was launched.

That made the Quickly the most successful moped to date (subsequently surpassed by the Honda 50 in the 1960s).

The enclosed bodywork of the ëLí was the result of demand for scooterettes which were essentially mopeds with extra bodywork to make them look more like scooters. These were particularly popular in Belgium. The design was, of course, copied by Honda for its Step-through moped.

Image and description courtesy BuyVintage.com