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NSU Quickly S2 Model 23 1966

1966 NSU Quickly Model 23-S

With the excellent engineering of the Quickly moped providing a quality machine that totally blew away its competitors when it was introduced ñ and easy spares availability should you ever need any ñ this must be one of the most practical 44-year-old vintage vehicles you could own.

You can ride it on a car license, itís easy to use and maintain, it has been well cared-for over the past 44 years, and will not only serve you well but is likely to become a ëfamily petí and a talking-point wherever you go.

The advantage of a later Quickly such as this is a 3-speed gearbox and a more solid centre stand. To my mind, a 1960s Quickly is the most practical vintage moped to own if you want to use it regularly.

By 1966, the Quickly had been refined into a 3-Speed machine, which made it one of the most practical two-strokes on the market, and the only one that could compete with the new Japanese models that eventually decimated the European motorcycle manufacturers.
Image and description courtesy BuyVintage.com