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Matchless 1935 Model 35/F4 250cc

"SPORTS 250" MODEL 35/F4. 2.46 H.P. - 37 Guineas


ENGINE. High efficiency overhead-valve sports engine with down-draught inlet port, enclosed overhead-valve gear, "Lo-Ex" alloy piston, roller big end bearing, double camshaft timing gear running in oil-bath, decompressor to ensure easy starting, heavily finned cylinder and cylinder head, and all other latest features to ensure high power output and complete reliability. Bore 62.5 mm- Stroke 80 mm. Capacity 246 c.c. LUBRICATION- "Matchless" dry sump system, oil pressure fed to all working parts, including cylinder wall, big end bearing, mainshaft bearing and camshaft bearing, by duplex horizontal reciprocating rotary plunger pump. Surplus oil sucked from crankcase sump and returned to oil tank through fabric filter which entirely removes all impurities.

GEARBOX. Four-speed pivot-mounted gearbox. Hand gear change standardised, but positive stop foot gear change can be supplied at 12/6 extra.

TRANSMISSION. Front chain enclosed In oilbath chaincase, rear chain protected by adequate guard with back panel.

EXHAUST SYSTEM. Large diameter exhaust pipe with tubular silencer. Low pipe as illustrated, or upswept competition exhaust pipe can be supplied at option without extra charge.

STAND. Spring-up centre prop stand.

TANKS. Bulbous saddle tank for petrol ; capacity 2 gallons. Separate oil tank under saddle ; capacity 3 pints.

FRAME, Latest type duplex cradle frame with twin down tubes.

SPRING FORKS, Tubular spring forks of graceful and sturdy design with adjustable shock absorbers,

BRAKES. Internal expanding brakes on both wheels.

HANDLEBARS. 1 in. diameter "clean" handlebars with Integral control fittings ; twist grip control for throttle.

KNEE-GRIPS. Large rubber knee-grips included in specification.

MUDGUARDS. Deep section gold lined mudguards providing ample protection and handsome appearance.

SADDLE. Lycett " Aero " spring seat.

TYRES, 26 in. x 3.25 in. Cord.

LUGGAGE CARRIER. Detachable luggage carrier, 15/- extra.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. " Lucas " six-volt electric lighting and coil ignition system. Large dynamo giving 30 watts output rigidly mounted on engine plates and driven direct from crankshaft by roller chain enclosed In main oil-bath chaincase. Accessible adjustment provided for chain tension. Contact breaker built into engine timing case. Lighting equipment consists of 6 in. diameter head-lamp with parking light and with dimming switch on handlebar; "Lucas" tail-lamp mounted on rear number plate. The switch, ammeter and warning light showing when ignition is switched on, are mounted in the back of the head-lamp. Extra large battery carried on special platform beneath saddle. Electric horn.

FINISH. Petrol tank finished in glossy black enamel with gold lines and chromium-plated embossed " M " on each Side. Chromium-plated wheel rims CO both wheels and all usual bright parts heavily chromium plated.

MAXIMUM SPEED. 65-70 miles per hour.

TAX. Annual Tax in Great Britain, £1 10 0 per annum.

"Sports 150" Model 35/F4,   Price.
complete with electric lighting and electric horn

"Sports 250" Model 35/F4 "DE LUXE," with electric lighting, electric horn, gearbox-drive non-trip speedometer, chromium-edged mudguards and front stand 40 Guineas When ordering this model please specify clearly whether high or low exhaust pipes are required.