Norton Motorcycles 1950s

Norton Navigator 350cc

350 c.c. Navigator Twin

Following their policy of progressive development, Norton introduce with pride this brilliant newcomer to the range. The Norton Navigator with its twin cylinder, four stroke, engine-gearbox unit of 349 c.c. capacity, provides smooth, effortless power by virtue of its unique design and dimensions. It has a forged Steel crankshaft and mono-bloc cylinder barrel. An outstanding feature of the Norton Navigator is the "Roadholder" front forks incorporating 8 inch diameter brake, which adds superb handling and fatigue free steering to the powerful performance of this magnificent machine.

Available in Standard or De-Luxe form.

The Standard model, illustrated on the left, is finished in Blue and Dove Grey. The De-Luxe model, illustrated above, is in Black and Dove Grey.

250 c.c. and 350 c.c. TWIN FEATURES

By fitting the famous "Roadholder" front forks and 8 inch dia. brake to the Navigator, this modern machine has been given all the superb handling attributes of the Norton Dominators.

The rigid, one piece, crankshaft of the Jubilee, made in Nodular Iron type material, contributes much to the smooth efficiency of the power unit.

The overhead valve, parallel twin cylinder, four-stroke engine-gearbox unit with light alloy heads is a supreme example of Norton craftsmansbip and design.

Simple and positive tappet adjustment is provided by eccentric rocker spindles.