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Parilla Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque


A small workshop was founded in Milan by Giovanni Parrilla* for the repair and maintenance of injection pumps and fuel injectors. In 1946 the first Parilla appeared, a single-cylinder 250cc four-stroke with overhead camshaft. The following year it was much improved when they released the Super Sport with a 247cc, SOHC version delivering 17 hp at 7250 rpm via a four-speed gearbox. In 1948 a Sport model was added with 14 hp pushing it to 120 km/h.

Competition models have 18 hp and 140 km/h with another more powerful Speciale Corsa delivering 20 horsepower for 145 km/h.

Later in 1948 a grand prix racing 247cc model appeared with 21 hp at 8500 rpm capable of achieving the magic ton, 160 km/h.

In 1949 Giovanni Parrilla built their first 250 with an 8hp two-stroke engine; it has a tubular frame, pressed metal forks and swinging arm suspension. Also in the catalogue is a 98cc two-stroke which in 1951 joined by a 125cc two-stroke

The Levriere 125cc scooter appeared in 1952 sporting a three-speed gearbox and full fairing; the capacity was increased to 150cc the following year and it remained in production until 1959.

In 1953 more light motorcycles were introduced of 125cc, 150cc and 175cc including the Bracco and the Fox, a single-cylinder four-stroke with high cam. Also in 1953 the 250cc Setter and 350cc Greyhound vertical twins were built, mainly for the American market where, unfortunately, they did not meet widespread approval.

1955 saw the introduction of the 175 Sport Competition MDS and Bracco models with an engine of 175cc, and a new SOHC 98cc model along with a DOHC 175cc which remained in production until 1959.



Double Overhead Cam
Many variations incuding belt, chain and bevel drive

Parilla had acquired Wilier Triestina and began marketing a 49cc Parilla badged as a Wilier.

The Slughi, introduced in 1958, came in two versions, a two-stroke and a four-stroke, both of 98cc. This was followed by the 1960 Oscar two-stroke twin with electric starter and four-speed gearbox.

1965 saw the arrival of a 250cc motocross motorcycle; that same year financial control of the company fell into the hands of bankers and shortly thereafter the company failed.

In 1966, Parrilla, who had already left the company, built MP (Moto Parilla) motorcycles for off-road racing with a vertical single-cylinder two-stroke engine delivering 17 hp at 8800 rpm.

Historical Snippet
Parilla supplied engines to Victoria in 1956

* Parrilla is the correct spelling of Giovanni's surname, but the brand is Parilla with one r.

Sources: MC Storico Conti, Tragatsch p247.

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