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1949 2-stroke

1956 4 stroke

In 1949, the company added a new small displacement model to their line-up. This 98cc 2-stroke was offered for only three years before the new 125 models took over in 1952. The 98cc was brought back in 1956 as a new 4-stroke model named Fauno. Cosmopolitan Motors sold this bike in America during their first year as a distributor. They changed the name to a more USA friendly name of the "Phantom". This 4-stroke model was dropped by the company in 1957.

98cc Motor

98cc Motor

98cc 4-stroke

Stats (4-stroke): CC: 98 / Output: 5HP @ 6000 RPM / Carburetion: Dell'Orto UA 16 BS / Gas Tank: 4.3 Gallon / Gas Mileage: ? / Weight: 198 lbs. / Max Speed: 50 MPH

98cc Advertising and manuals: There are parts books and owner manuals for both early and late 98cc models, but no shop manuals have been found for either bike at this time. Click onto the 98cc paperwork page to see more 98cc literature.

Prices & colors: Very erly 98cc bikes had a red painted tank with chrome side panels. The late 4-stroke bikes that Cosmo sold were either red frame, sheetmetal with a red/black tank, or a reverse of the two colors. Price for the later Fauno was $359.

Today's Fauno outlook: [1]

Not very many Faunos have survived over the years. They were underpowered for America's traffic. The early 98cc bikes were never sold by Cosmo. Just a handful of privately imported bikes are in the USA. Later four-stroke Faunos do come out of the woodwork every once in a while, but only as rusty project bikes. So far, less than a dozen bikes have been found. There is no parts source for this model. One might have to have Italian connections to get what they need.

N.B. 1. Today refers to c.2007.