Parilla Motorcycles

Parilla Greyhound Levriere Paperwork

Greyhound Owner Manual

The Greyhound may have had an earlier style owner manual, but I have not found one yet. The example below is the 4.5"x 6.5" style the factory made for all models. This one has a light blue cover, but has faded with time. 18 pages with wiring diagram.




Greyhound Parts Book

Early parts books were 5.75"x 8.25", about 50 pages, and contained no pricing information. The later books were 10"x 7", 85 pages and did include prices. Cosmo added US dollar conversions to the Lire prices by either covering up the Lire prices or give out a separate price sheet.





Late 50's

40 PartsPoster.jpg

Dealer parts poster - In the late 50's the factory printed up parts posters for the USA dealers. Extremely rare and fragile, these 27.5"x 39" posters were made for other models as well.

Greyhound advertising

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40 Ad1.jpg

40 ad2.jpg

40 ScooterAD3.jpg

40 ScooterAD4.jpg

Italy 1955

2 page fold-out, UK