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Before the company developed the high-cam motor, it was just selling 2-strokes and race bikes. Something new needed to fill in the gap. That is when the factory came up with an engine design that became the trademark of the company. The high-cam models were first introduced in 1953. Two touring models, two sport models and a production racer were being produced the first year. Early Touring models such as the Fox had a Triumph-like gas tank and a solo seat. These models were dropped a couple of years later for a more deluxe version called the Bracco with full fenders and leg shields. All the early touring models eventually evolved into a more streamlined frame and sheetmetal several years later (see Speedster).

Stats:CC: 175 / Output: 18HP @ 8800 RPM / Carburetion: Dell'Orto SS1 25 / Gas Tank: 2.5 Gallon / Gas Mileage: 77 MPG / Weight: 220 lbs. / Max Speed: 86 MPH

Touring advertisements: Here are several 175cc Advertisements from Europe. Click on the thumbnail to see a bigger picture. Go to the high-cam paperwork webpage to see manuals, parts books and other items.

Color and prices:

Most colors for a Lusso Veloce is some kind of variation of red and black, or black and cream. There were other colors as well (white, silver, etc.), but none confirmed yet. Prices for a Fox in 1954 started at 249,000 Lire. A USA price for a Turismo in 1954 was $690. This was for a 175 tested by Cycle magazine before Cosmopolitan Motors was started.

Today's Lusso Veloce outlook: [1]

Finding a Lusso Veloce is somewhat easy if you are not afraid to import one from Europe. The 175cc Bracco harder to find and is rarely seen outside of Italy. Some bike may look good on the outside, but inside the motor might be trouble from past owner tinkering. Parts for early touring high-cams might be difficult to find, since the sheetmetal and forks changed design in the mid to late 50's. You will probably need an Italian connection to help locate parts. Cosmo never imported these bikes to the USA. There currently might be a dozen or so LV's in the states that were privately imported in recent years.

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N.B. 1. Today refers to c.2007.