Parilla Motorcycles

Parilla 350cc Veltro/Clipper



1954 Touring

1959 USA Import

The 250cc Twin (originally named "Setter") made its debut in 1953. Two years later, the "Veltro Turismo" twin began production and the engine size was brought up to 350cc. Many Parilla brochures show all sorts of variations of this model from single seat commuter bike to low slung sports motorcycle. Cosmopolitan Motors imported the Twin model to the USA in very small numbers under the name "Clipper". It was never a big seller in the U.S. and approximately 50-100 Twins were sold before being phased out by Cosmo and the factory in 1961.

Stats: CC: 350 / Compression: 7:1 / Output: 19HP @ 5600 RPM / Carburetion: Dell'Orto MB 22B / Gas Tank: 5.5 Gallon / Gas Mileage: 65 MPG / Weight: 352 lbs. / Max Speed: 90 MPH

Colors and prices:

Metallic red & silver, metallic blue & silver, or red and black. The price for a Twin in 1959 was $729.

Twin manuals and advertising:

There is a parts book and an owner manual for this model, but no shop manual. The factory put out several one page color brochures of the Sprint, but Cosmo advertised the scrambler version much more than the Sprint. To see more 125cc brochures and other advertisements, click onto our Twin paperwork page.

Today's Twin outlook:[1]

Finding a Twin is very difficult, because it is an impossibly rare bike in the U.S. as well as Europe. There is about a half dozen Twins in the states with only one restored and running. Parts for this model are for the most part unavailable. Cosmo's stash of Twin parts were sold off long ago and changed ownership several times before disappearing for good in 2005. Prices for this model are unknown, since none have been for sale in a very long time.

N.B. 1. Today refers to c.2007.