Parilla Motorcycles

Parilla 3-Wheelers

The factory offered several 3-wheel versions with a number of engine options for commercial/agricultural work. All models had fan assisted cooling. The 3-wheelers were eventually fazed out in the mid 1950's. Here are the various models:

175cc Atlante


The Atlante was powered by a 175cc high-cam motor. It was capable of 55km/h and could haul 350kg.

250cc Motofurgone/Mastino


The Motofurgone was a 3 wheel truck that the company produced in 1950. It used the factory's 250cc 2-stroke motor. The model was upgraded to fan assisted cooling in 1952 and the name was changed to Mastino. It could travel up to 50 km/h and carry 500kg.

125/150cc Bulldog


The Bulldog was introduced in 1952. The motor and gas tank were mounted over the front tire. This unusual arrangement was soon discarded the next year for a 150cc motor and placed in a frame similar to the Mastino.