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Moto Parilla & Other Companies

In the 1950's and early 60's, Parilla offered various motors for use by other companies. Some companies rebadged the Parilla motors to their company's name, while others left the Parilla logo as-is on the engine cases. Here are some motorcycle companies that used Parilla motors.

Victoria (Germany)

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1956 Brochure

Owner-built racer

KR 17 Parilla: The German company offered a high-cam version of one of their bikes in 1956. It had an Earles fork and distinctive German styling. It was only sold for a couple of years.

See Victoria Parilla for a fine example with sidecar and telescopic forks.

Horex/Slughi (Germany)

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This one is a mystery. The only clue is a brochure that shows up on the German e-bay from time to time. Blue Moon Cycle in Georgia, has found one. Looks like a rebadged version of the Slughi and maybe a failed attempt by Horex to add a new bike to their model line-up. Horex was getting out of the motorcycle business around this time.

Nettunia (Italy)

20 Nettunia1.jpg

The Nettunia was a small displacement commuter bike from around 1951 which employed Parilla's 98cc 2-stroke engine.

Garelli (Italy)

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Garelli KL 125:

This mid 60's bike used Parilla's 125 engine with the added Garelli logos on the motor.

Husqvarna (Sweden)


In 1955, the Husqvarna company bought Parilla Greyhound frames and bodies from Parilla and installed their own 120cc 2-stroke motors. The Husqvarna badge was also added to the front. The company sold this model for about two years before building their own scooter.