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Moto Parilla North America

This website is all about the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Moto Parilla. The company started just after World War 2 when Giovanni Parrilla built his first bike based on a Norton. A few years later, the company added 2-stroke commuter bikes and then designed their signature "high-cam" models before they closed their doors in the mid 1960's. The United States became Parilla's biggest market and their success here is what this website will mostly focus on.

Cosmopolitan Motors in Philadelphia took over USA distribution of all Parilla models in 1957. They stopped advertising Parillas in 1967 and were still selling parts until 1990. They are no longer in the Parilla business.

Parillas were never as common as other companies such as Ducati or Moto Guzzi, so there is a problem in finding bikes and parts. As of 2010, the supply of old Parillas and parts have nearly dried up. Prices are starting to reflect the change in availability with certain models (high-cam bikes especially) starting to command top dollar. There is also interest from collectors worldwide going after Parillas originally sold in the USA. Italy may be the birthplace for Moto Parilla, but even there, finding bikes and parts is difficult.

Check out the Parilla information on the left to find out more about company's motorcycles. After you are done here, don't forget to click onto Mike McGarry's Moto Parilla UK for more information on how to keep these bikes on the road. Thanks to all who helped out from around the world with pictures and information to keep Moto Parilla motorcycles up and running.