Parilla Motorcycles

Parilla Literature & Brochures

The factory printed some really good full-line brochures and individual model advertisements. Some of the best art and design was used to sell Parillas. The only drawback of these excellent advertisements is the poor quality of the paper used for printing. After World War 2, There were shortages of everything in Italy and paper was very expensive to use in mass advertising. As a result, some ads were printed on paper that was nearly transparent or had a very rough texture. More expensive models usually received better artwork and higher quality paper.

Cosmopolitan Motors on the other hand, did almost all their advertising in magazines. They did produce several Parilla-only advertisements, but most of it included other brands of motorcycles and aftermarket parts/accessories that Cosmo was selling.

Click the pictures below to see advertising examples from the factory and Cosmo. There is also an odds & ends section for any Parilla item that does not fit any regular category.