Parilla Motorcycles

Parilla 125-150cc 2 Stroke

The 125 2-stroke was an upgrade model from the 98cc. Introduced in 1951, this bike was the commuter bike for the Italian masses with many model variations until 1959. The 150cc was introduced in 1953 and the last of these models were built in 1956.

125 Models





150 Models

There were several variations to pick from.; The Turismo Speciale (90KPH), the Sport model (100KPH), and the luxury touring model, the Bracco.



Turismo Speciale




125 Colors

Almost all 125 2-strokes were red. Some later 2-strokes were painted black & white. Most Braccos came with cream and black paint.

125 2-stroke Advertising

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Today's 125 outlook [1]

They are everywhere in Europe. At least one is for sale on Italian E-bay every week. Most are rusty projects. There are about a dozen 125's in the USA. Cosmo never imported these bikes to America. These were privately imported by their owners years later. There are no parts in the USA for these bikes. One has to have an Italian connection to get what they need. They are fun little bikes, but definitely not for today's traffic.

N.B. 1. Today refers to c.2007.