Parilla Motorcycles

Parilla Factory Literature

The factory put out some really good brochures in the 1950's, but the quality of the paper they were printed on makes them very fragile. Some of the mid 50's brochures were grouped into different categories such as 2-strokes and luxury models. Almost all these brochures are from Europe.

Factory full-line brochures

1955-56 Series

1958 Dealer Brochure

The above item was the top of the line for Parilla brochures produced for dealers. Every Parilla model for 1958 is represented plus several older models. There are stats on every model, pictures of various features of each bike, a pictorial tour of the factory, race pictures and race wins. There are two versions. A 72 page US version and a 100 page European version that included all 2-strokes and 3-wheel trucks. Very rare and hard to find. There is a B&W copy of this book being sold in Italy for a more reasonable price.

Factory handouts and flyers

Factory magazine ads

Here are several factory magazine ads from Italy.