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Parilla 250cc Trailmaster & 200cc Tourist



Trailmaster (1960)


Trailmaster 1960-65

In 1958, the factory started building bikes with it's newly designed angular frame. It was not until the 1960 model year that Cosmo started selling bikes with this frame. The first two models offered by Cosmo was the street/off road Trailmaster scrambler and the 125cc Wildcat. The first year Trailmasters had a 200cc motor installed. It was not until the next model year that Trailmasters had the 250cc motor. Serial numbers range from 410-xxx for early versions with 250-xxx numbers for all later years. Cosmo stopped advertising the Trailmaster in 1963.

Tourist 1962-66

The Tourist was the last Parilla model offered by Cosmo in 1962. It was a street-only bike designed for "comfortable, long distance, high speed travel" (this is Cosmo's description). The motor was a weaker version of the GS motor with a "S" cam. Around 1964, the round gas tank was changed to a more square off version of the GS tank. The Tourist was sold until 1966 when it disappeared off the radar.

When people ask what is the difference between the Tourist and the Trailmaster, I say not much. If you find a project bike with parts missing, the serial number will not help very little. The Trailmaster had the more powerful engine (with the X-1 cam), scrambler tires and high mounted muffler. The Tourist had a less powerful motor (with a S cam), low mounted muffler, and later versions had the "square" tank. Both models had the wide seat with some early Trailmasters using a slightly slimmer type seat with red piping.

250 Frames and motors:

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Stats (Trailmaster): CC: 250 / Output: 23 HP @ 9000 RPM / Carburetion: Dell'Orto 25mm / Gas Tank: 1 3/4 Gallon / Gas Mileage: 80 MPG / Weight: 235 lbs. / Max Speed: 90 MPH

Colors and prices:

Most bikes were red metallic (frame, forks, fenders) with a red metallic/silver tank. A few were painted in a blue metallic/silver combination. Some bikes had silver frames. Prices for the Trailmasters were $639.00 and the Tourist sold for $579.00 in 1962 and $599.00 in 1966.

Today's Tourist/Trailmaster outlook: [1]

These were the models everybody used for parts and racing over the last 30 years and the source is drying up. Both bikes were the most available 250's out there, but there are not many left. The problem is that 95% of them get stripped down for parts or converted into Grand Sport clones. Rare are the bikes that are original & complete, or having an owner restore it back to it's original form. Since the 250 was mostly a USA thing, collectors in Europe are now looking for these bikes.

N.B. 1. Today refers to c.2007.