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Parilla 250cc Boxer Two-stroke



1950 Boxer

1954 Boxer Turismo

After several years of producing the 250cc OHC bikes, the 250cc, 2-stroke Boxer was one of the first new models offered by the factory in the late 40's. The Boxer is known for its distinctive square case. Several versions of the Boxer were offered. A touring model, a Sport model and a 3-wheel truck (the Mastino) with fan assisted cooling. The Boxer was retired from the model range in 1954.

Colors and prices: The early 250's were painted with black or red fenders/frame, a chrome tank with a painted insert. Later bikes followed the same paint scheme as the high-cam models. A price for a 1950 model was 295,000 Lire.

Today's Boxer outlook: [1]

Hard to find these models anywhere else other than Europe. Some might find a few in South America. One original, late 40's 250 was up for sale in California in 2007. This might be the only 250 2-stroke in the USA.

N.B. 1. Today refers to c.2007.