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gcartesb at
1960 slughi 98/4 cilindrata cc 97.6
Tienes el manual de la moto Parilla 1960 ? (Do you have the manual for the Parilla 1960 motorcycle?)
Adjunto archivos.
Guillermo Cartes Bravo
Santiago de Chile

Try this page: Books and Manuals
Parilla Slughi images posted to Comments.

pdpueschner at
looking for Dellorto 14/9 throttle cover, fix cap screw, cable nipple and spring, throttle spring. and help on where I can purchase would be appreciated.
Paul D Pueschner
tptrx7 at
Parilla 2 stroke
I recently bought a Parilla bike serial number 472228. It is a two stroke 3 speed with a rotating left twist grip shifter and a small cafe style fairing.
I'm hoping to find more information on the bike.
Thanks you,
Bob Frost

Parilla-Frost images posted to Comments.
Mon, 12 Feb 2018
glenneke_rooseke at
Question about a chassis number Parilla sarcus 1962
Hello I'm the owner of a parilla sarus. I find nothing about it. I don't find the chassis number . Can you help me?
Roeselare Belgium<

Mon, 15 Jan 2018
jean.luc.fauconnier at
Parilla 125 2 strokes turismo special 1953?

I am looking for a cylindrical toolbox for my Parilla. Thank you for help
Jean-Luc Fauconnier
Chatelet Belgium

Mon May 15 2017
Scotthudg at<
Parilla motorcycle
Parilla Clipper
Would love info and a value on my bike .. it's in running condition and needs restored but mostly all there and not bad shape for as rare as the bike is .. it will be on eBay and I have valued it on Craigslist for $15000

Wed Dec 07 2016
dave at
Parilla Greyhound scooter
Hi Im looking for a complete motor for this scooter
Cape Town, South africa

Wed Aug 24 2016
jimfri29 at<
starter ratchet
Parilla 175 Lusso Veloce
I need the ratchet that the shifting dogs engage. It is pressed onto the shift lever shaft.


RON GOODWIN [contact info witheld by request]

Dell orto gasket/repair kit
parilla slughi/ ramjet/olimpia 1960

Hi, looking for overhaul/repair kit for Dell Orto carb. ME 16 BS fitted to my Parilla. Appreciate any help.

Thu Aug 20 2015
jimfri29 at<
rear sprocket
Parilla Lusso Veloce
Can anyone tell me what size rear sprocket I should have on this bike for road use? Thanks, Jim<

Thu Jul 23 2015
claybill36 at<
front forks
parilla wildcat
what was the mfg. of parilla front suspension?...marzocchi,ceriani etc..?
illinois, USA

Fri Jan 02 2015
guzzitoby at
odd headed bolts
parilla veltro gran tourismo
i would like to find some 14 mm headed 8mm threaded bolts with the odd script of 80 in a circle on them there are many on my bike from the factory but not all . so id like to complete them as so ! sad i know but im like that

Sat Sep 13 2014
jimfri29 at<
Parilla luso veloce
Can anyone tell me the length and diameter of the clutch rod for this bike?

Sat Mar 15 2014
jhsteid at<
parilla wildcat scrambler
i have a gear driven parilla wildcat scrambler 250cc camshaft is marked xxx 2 fuel tanks 3 trans 2 sets of engine cases . was told at cosmopolitan motors that it was 1 of 3 factory race bikes brought into the usa . would like to sell . any idea of value ? in pieces but complete except seat .

Sun Mar 09 2014
guidottipierlui at
150 bracco
Vorrei acquistare una parilla bracco 150

Tue Nov 05 2013
Wanted Moto Parilla's
Parilla 250cc
I am interested in purchasing any type and/or condition of Moto Parilla's
USA, CT, Newtown

Sun Nov 10 2013
parillino 49cc 2 stroke
parilla parillino
hi, I have a parillino 2 stroke, can you please tell me the value of this moped today, thank you

Fri Sep 20 2013
Parilla Leverie Scooter
Parilla Leverie
I have a Parilla Leverie scooter it is complete and unrestored it is in New Zealand. Is any body out there interested in buying it. I live in the UK so I would have to organise photos/viewing, I will only do this if a sufficient remunerative figure is discussed in advance about. Otherwise it can sit there for another 20 years.
scooter= New Zealand, Me= UK

Sat Jul 13 2013
Parilla leviere
estoy interesado en adquirir algunos repuestos para mi moto podrian darme datos de alguna pagina que los venda??

Sun May 20 2012
fluid types & amounts
Parilla 1952 125cc
Perfectly restored USA import acquired w/out fluids. Past owner not available. Need information on primary & transmission oil weight/type & amounts. Also need to know how much oil to add to petrol (ounces to US gallon).
Atlanta, GA USA

Sun May 29 2011
william.silver at<
Parts and info wanted
Parilla Fauno
Need sprocket nut and 13t c/s sprocket, flywheel puller tool and any wiring diagrams/shop manual info, please.

Thu Apr 21 2011
tjw1928<at>hotmaildot com<
Parilla 350 parts
Parilla 350 Gran Turismo
Looking for mufflers, seat, battery tray, and other small parts for my 1960 Parilla 350 Twin.
Minnesota, USA

Mon Apr 18 2011
soilsolutions<at>embarqmaildot com<
Parilla Greyhound
EBAY Listing: Parilla Levriere Greyhound Motorscooter – 160574855110

Please forward to interested parties.

Wed Feb 24 2010
yaris34 at
parilla 150 levriere
parilla levriere
this is my father before and today
gela - cl - italy

Mon Apr 27 2009
mvagusta125 at
parts wanted
parilla 350 veltro
has any body got parts for a parilla 350 veltro tank frame etc

Fri Jan 30 2009
studleyno3 at
Spares availability in the uk
parilla (early 50's) ?
I have a 50's parilla that I'm looking to restore to former glory and require any information that may help me to obtain spares, missing items, etc etc. Can anyone help? Prefferably in the uk. I live in dorset, southern england.
dorset, england

Wed Jan 21 2009
yaris34 at
Enzo Grifasi Italy
Parilla levriere 150 2t
i have this scooter it's beautifull

Tue Dec 30 2008
Conner918 at aoldot com<
Parts needed
Parilla 125GS
I am looking for front and rear fenders and tail light assembly for 1961 model 125GS Parilla. Thanks for the help.
OR, Medford, USA

Sat Nov 22 2008
eboba04 at
Colours for a Parilla 125cc
Parilla 125 1961
I'm Elbio from Aregntina, my father gave me his Parilla and I want to restore it. I would like to know the original colour of the bike since it was repainted and I think it doesn't have the original colour. Thanxs
Mendoza, Argentina

Mon Apr 10 2006
jpogmf at
Manual for Parilla Greyhound Scooter
Greyhound 150 cm3, year 1951-55?
I have become the lucky owner of a Parilla Scooter "Greyhound", 150 cm3. I have now restored it so its very much like when it left the factory in the 50s. But unfortunately the previous owner had mislaid the manual (instruction book). I am therefore looking for a manual preferably in English or German (I do not master the Italian language, and find it unlikely that the manual should have been printed in Danish). I have tried several Danish motor second-hand shops, but sofar without result. Hope you may be able to help me.
Horsens, Denmark

Suggest browsing the Parilla directory at

Sun Dec 24 2006
dirkvhn at hotmaildot com<
Slughi (Ramjet)
Here a picture of my restored Slughi 98cc 2-stroke. It is imported from Italy. In 2001 I visted the Int. Parilla Days in Italy with this bike. It broke down and they allow me to repare it in the factory (now ITAL SISTEM racing kart factory)

Mon Mar 06 2006
marilynandbill at msndot com<
ID numbers
I have what I believe is part of a Parilla motor. There is half of an engine case with the crank and rod attached. It came in an old shop inventory and I think it was in for a wrist pin bush replacement as it looks new. The engine number on the case is *250448*. Is this a 250? Is there a way to tell what model it might be? Thanks, Bill B...
Newberg, Ore. USA

Tue Feb 14 2006
webmaster at
new website
new parilla website:

Thu Jan 12 2006
patadonovan at yahoodot com<
parilla 150cc two strokes infor
I live in Argentina and just bought a parilla 150 cc two stroke. And I´m trying to restore it I need photos showing painting colours

Fri Nov 18 2005
pjj at
Moto Parilla

[The image] is a special factory racer made in 1954. Only four were made and this is the only one surviving. The bike is mine. The web site (404) is for Parilla motorcycle hobbyists. The site is soliciting no money, it is reporting on an event held in New Mexico on Sept 15th 16th 17th 2005 There are many models of Parilla motorcycles pictured on the site.

Wed Nov 02 2005
frederic.robben at
I possess a "parilla greyhound" scooter of 1952 ?
Can you give me more info about this model and possibly an indication of the value.
Thanks & regards,

Parilla Ramjet Scooter - Postcard
Obverse reads: "Moto Parilla Ramjet Scooter combines design and cleanliness of a scooter with the large wheels and handling ease of a motorcycle. Sole U. S. Distributors Cosmopolitan Motors, Inc., 3500 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania."

April 10, 2001
Hello, you might want to add this website for people interested in Moto Parilla motorcycles. (404) ---Thanks, Milt -- BelisleTRIXIE at aoldot com

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