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125cc 2 Stroke

98-125cc 4 stroke

In 1957, the company decided to go off in a different direction. They developed the 125 4-stroke engine and a brand new horizontal motor. The first use of the horizontal engine was on the fully enclosed Slughi. Two years later in 1960, a more open touring version was designed and named Olimpia. A 125cc 2-stroke and 98cc 4-stroke model were put into production. The swingarm was mounted directly to the motor and the motor was bolted under the frame. At first, Cosmo called the new model the Impala, but I suspect General Motors put a stop to the name and Cosmo renamed the Impala to Olimpia a year later. This model was in production until 1965. 2-strokes have their exhaust running to the right side, while the 4-stroke was routed to the left side of the bike.



Stats:CC: 98 &125 / Output: 8HP @ 6700 RPM / Carburetion: Dell'Orto 16mm / Gas Tank: 2.5 Gallon / Gas Mileage: 120 MPG / Weight: 167 lbs. / Max Speed: 65 MPH

Olimpia manuals and advertisements: There is a parts book and an owner manual for these models, but no shop manual. The factory put out several one page color brochures of the Sprint, To see more Olimpia & Slughi brochures and other advertisements, click onto our Olimpia/Slughi Paperwork page.

Colors and prices: Most 4-stroke Olimpias were a metallic (or non-metallic) red with white or silver accents. There was a metallic blue version (2-stroke?) with a white or gold accents. Prices were $369 for both models in 1960 and $349 in 1965.

Today's Olimpia outlook: [1]

Locating an Olimpia is easy. They appear on E-bay all the time, mostly rusty project bikes with a few that have been saved in original condition. Parts are difficult to locate due to the Olimpia-only sheetmetal and lack of spares for its horizontal motor.

N.B. 1. Today refers to c.2007.