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Parilla 250cc Wildcat Scrambler



1966 Wildcat Scrambler with lighting kit

1966 Wildcat Scrambler

In the early 60's, Cosmopolitan Motors asked the factory to build a larger motor for the American market. The 250cc engine was to be the new sales point for Cosmo in attracting new buyers. Off-road racing was taking off in the USA and the factory decided to build a premier bike for just such a purpose. Almost everything was redesigned differently over other Parilla models. A new, beefed up Wildcat-only frame, top of the line forks, special wildcat-only sheetmetal, redesigned footpegs, seat and exhaust system were used for this model. Less than half had the light kit option which would make the Wildcat street legal.

Cosmo began selling the Wildcat in 1961 and the race victories started to pile up. This winning combination kept sales going right up to 1967 when Cosmo stopped advertising all Parilla models.

Wildcat frames: To see how the 250 Wildcat frame differs from other high-cam frames, go to the frames page.

Stats:CC: 250 / Output: 26HP @ 9500 RPM / Compression: 1:9.5 / Carburetion: Dell'Orto SS 28 / Gas Tank: 1 3/4 Gallon / Weight: 225 lbs. / Max Speed: 100 MPH

Colors and prices: Almost all Wildcats were sliver with black frame and fenders. There were some other colors (metallic green, gold?), but they have not been confirmed. Prices were $699 in 1961 and $799 in 1965. An extra $75 was needed for tach, sprockets, and light kit.

Today's 250 Wildcat outlook: [1]

Even though most Parilla's high-cams are rare, the 250 Wildcat is one of the more common models available. The real problem is finding a 250 Wildcat that has not been raced into the ground or damaged beyond restoration. People really raced these bikes hard back then and some still do today ( hi Dave). Cracked frames, bent forks, aftermarket parts, and rust are the usual suspects that shorten the life of a 250 Wildcat. This model had kickstart problems and the distinctive, quick detachable gas tank & round tach are hard to replace if missing. More than half of the Wildcats were sold without the light kit, so look for one with the kit if you want to ride it on the street rather than having it as a pricey show bike.

N.B. 1. Today refers to c.2007.