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Parilla Models

In 1954, several Parillas were imported into the United States to test the market for interest. Several years later, Cosmopolitan Motors of Philadelphia, Pa. was established as the main importer of Parilla motorcycles to the United States. They started selling Parillas in 1957 and sold a dozen different models over the years. After the Parilla company went into receivership in 1963, Cosmopolitan bought leftover company inventory from various sources and continued to sell & service Parillas for another couple of years. The number Parilla motorcycles exported to the USA could be as high as 20,000, but serial numbers on models sold here don't add up to anywhere near that number. Below is a short summary of all Parilla models with factory pictures and current owner's bikes. Please click the picture of the model you would like more information on.


175 - 250cc High-cam models -

This is a special section just for high-cam bikes.