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Apologies for the dropsheets, paint tins and scattered detrius. More information...


Selling spares on EBay, 10th March 2013

Lots of good stuff; click on link - Images missing

As well as Cammy parts there will be bits for OHV and SV machines

I need to replenish my PayPal account!

The earliest correspondence I have is a postcard to Jas.L.Norton when he was at Bradford St. Birmingham, from a "L.S.J." and is dated 5 Sept. 1905.

"Trotted her out this morning to Rose Hill. Trial one: belt slipped, trial two: missed the levers and trial three: rode up at 25 miles per hour in face of a strong head wind. It is simply a glorious jigger and I am delighted with it. When I become thoroughly acquainted with it there will be no limit to its pace. The case still gets a bit hot, but less and less as its finding its bearings".

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Flat Tank petrol tanks.

My 1926 TT bike has developed a dodgy tank, so I am making a replacement and if there is interest I might make some more. The story so far.... Make X8 bosses with 5/16th Whitworth internal threads (four for the mounting holes and four for fixing the knee rubbers), a filler neck and two lower strengthening plates. Jump in the car with original tank as pattern and the bits to my artisan panel beater. 120 miles. Return a couple of weeks later and collect tank. Another 120 miles and £800! Spend ages making "pie- crusting" by milling, tin snips and various files. JB weld into place. The pictures tell the story... Time spent?? The cost to make more?? At least £1500!! Too expensive in my opinion. So I will look into using another tankman and maybe CNC and laser cutting. Look at the pictures.....

Several Images missing


finished.jpg missing

This is the finished article back on my bike. Next to it is the original tank. Note how we have painted the new tank, in real life the two tanks look almost identical, but the light for the photo does not do it justice.

As far as making anymore? It has cost me £1,300 plus many hours of work.

So if I was to do more you would be looking at 2 grand each!

Flat Tank Norton Engines

OHV motor.jpg img missing

The above motor and a SV are currently being totally rebuilt in my workshop and will be for sale on ebay, sometime in 2013. The DOHC motor behind is not for sale.

Aston Martin DB 2/4 spares

I have spent this year (with the help of the chaps at Davron, rebuilding my Aston and there will be many spares available

Five original wheels in very good condition; 60 spokes, tyres sold.

Will fit DB2, DB2/4 and Db 2/4 MkII

£300 for the five (this is a quarter of the price of my new set!)

ALSO available: Crankshaft, conrods, pistons, etc etc...

Click on thumbnail to see a picture of my 1957 Aston martin DB2/4 MkII.

A straight 3 litre DOHC motor which is a bit like 6 Manx engines linked together by relatively fragile bottom end. It is great fun to drive!

Three pictures from my workshops, which look remarkably like the ones at Bracebridge Street in the mid-thirties! Click on the images for bigger ones (about 100kb)

This picture shows a few of my work-force in the frame-building shop. Down the centre is a series of jigs on which the frames and forks are made, before being passed on to the sand-blasting and hand-filing chaps who finish off the job before sending off to JBS painting in Somerset (see links page)

That's me (with wig) examining a petrol tank after welding.....

Finally, a few of the lads in the machine shop, turning up a few new rear hub sprockets...

Engine sprockets, for ES2, Model 18, 500T, 16H and Big 4

(NOS) please note that there are three different offsets for these engine sprockets. 16, 17, 18, 19T only!

The measurement you must make to ensure that the engine sprocket will line up with the clutch sprocket is as follows: the distance between the inside of the central boss (the large end of the internal taper bore) to the inside of the sprocket is 0.15 or 0.30 or 0.45 inch. Remember, the larger end of the internal taper is at the bottom. I challenge anybody to give me the definitive relationship between model and offset!

The sprocket type on the right is for OHV swinging arm frames with laydown box.

The one on the left fits 16H with dolls face box.