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Vintage Norton Motorcycles Fantastic Blog all about Vintage Nortons by JOHN DE KRUIF

Vintagent Paul D'Orleans blog on Old Motorcycles, the very BEST blog on the web.

Works Racing Ltd. Norton Works racing 30M; new MANX NORTON machines, engines and spares. ( 404)

Maria Costello Racing Maria Costello: 'Queen of Bikers' and very fast Racer.

srsnorton at STU ROGERS NORTON INTERNATIONAL SPARES; Stu is the ONLY person in the world who has the knowledge to reproduce OHC spares, I get all my bits from him. No web site yet, but e-mail him or phone on 01945 585116

Conrad Leach Top Motoring Artist in the world.

Lewis Leathers Iconic Leather jackets, Boots and Motorcycling gear; the very best.

Gauntlett Gallery The absolute Top place to buy very expensive automobilia; great hospitality! ( 404)

Reclamation Warriors Antique and Vintage products from 13th century Feudal Manor, Also motorbikes. ( 404)

Hurley-Pugh Motorcycles Funniest site on the web by far.

Ruby Helmets Exceptional quality custom built Crash Helmets from Paris.

Eastman Leather High Quality authentic 1940's Flying Jackets.

SouthSiders Motorcycle culture and other matters of life. Glen English Models Magnificentscale models by a true master. (offline 2019)

men's file Custom bikes, cars,contemporary and counter culture magazine for men.

Racing Vincents Paul Norman's superb site on Cammy Nortons and Vincents. Also has cammy spares for sale.

Executioners Hot Rods, Custom cars and bikes andRock and Roll.

Clubman Classics Great Blog by George Chapman on Nortons and other fine machines.

Brough Superior Brand new Brough Superiors to original factory specification. Davron Top Aston Martin engineers and enthusiasts; they care for my DB2 Mk II. (offline 2019)

BSA M24 Gold Star Rocket Georges; Specialist in Pre-War BSA Gold Stars.

Steve Parrish Motorcycle Racer and full onJOKER! JBS motorcycle painting JBS do all my paint jobs and they are quite simply the best..... (offline 2019)

Venture Classics Chris Spaett is local to me and always has a very fine collection of Classic motorcycles for sale.

Dealer Decals Specialist for period dealer decals

The Vintage Bearing Companythe place for all bearings for your Norton

Car and Classic THE place to sell or buy a Classic vehicle

British Motorcycle Parts THE best place to get quality reproduction Norton Manuals and parts lists.

Tiger 100 Rob Stockdale, superb artist and old friend. Original paintings depicting the Golden era of Wings, Wheels and Speed. Robs is also the worlds leading authority on pre- and post-war Triumphs.

Yesterdays for excellent early motorcycles from a Dutch gentleman.

Wildfang Design This company makes the very best bespoke leather motorcycle jackets, trousers and related items

jeffalanhunter at The ONLY place for all Norton RUBBER parts . Knee grips, footrest rubbers, k/start rubbers and even cush drive rubbers for Enfield rear hubs. NO web site yet!, but e-mail Jeff for excellent & friendly service.

Melrose Motorcycles Specialist in sourcing Vintage and Classic motorcycles

NORTON OWNERS CLUB Join the NOC; good web site with lots of info. and sales & wanted section.

BTH magneto New BTH mags with up-to-date technology Historic Racing For all the latest information on racin' classic motorcycles in the UK (offline 2019)

Foxley mobile starters Chris foxley, Rocket 3 racer, builds these superb starters; i have one and it saves a lot of effort! the place for people who love cars. (Offline 2019)

NORTONMANX Mitchell Barnes in Australia, OHC Nortons.... machines, parts & knowledge.

Straford's Rudges Mervyn Stratford and the worlds fastest Rudge racer, check this site out to see how fast this man really is.

Bailey Rowe's Norton ES2 experiences and very useful info' on easy-twos...

Classic Motorcycle Webring

Classic Motorcycle Webring