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Stanley Show 1903 p799

C. Terrot and Co.

This well-known French firm will have on exhibition two motor cycles fitted with vertical engines of 2½ and 2¾ h.p., provided with F.N. (Herstal) carburetter, fitted with special throttling arrangement. These motors will also be fitted with an appliance by which the rider can see the spark of the plug and the flash of the explosion, thus doing away with the necessity of unscrewing the plug each time he thinks there is something wrong with the ignition, the colour of the flash indicating the quality of the gas admitted to the explosion chamber.

Terrot 1903-1904

Triumph Cycle Co., Ltd.

The principal exhibit of this company, so far at least as motor cycles are concerned, will be a 3 h.p. motor bicycle, specially designed and recommended for the use of heavy riders or in hilly country, the chief consideration in constructing which has been great strength in every detail, so as to ensure durability and reliability...

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Werner Motors, Ltd.

Mr. Arnott informs us that their new models for 1904 will introduce a dozen distinct improvements, ranging from a free engine at will to less important refinements, which, though small in themselves, tend to increased efficiency and convenience. It is this striving after perfection that has done so much to establish on a firm basis in so short a time what is practically a new industry. From quite a small beginning the Werner works have become the largest in the world that are employed exclusively in the production of motor bicycles. The frame has been extended and the front forks have been stayed on the girder principle. A new back wheel brake will be shown, and the. silencer will be larger and constructed to give maximum efficiency with the higher powered engines. The engines will be of 2½ and 3¼ h.p., fitted with larger flywheels, and the carburetter will be a new one, quite automatic in action and giving remarkable results. As soon as the necessary protection has been completed we hope to illustrate in detail the 1904 Werner specialises, which cannot fail to attract the attention of all enthusiastic motor cyclists.

Werner 1903

The Whitley Motor and Engineering Co., Ltd.,

will have an excellent show of their various specialities in motor cycles, engines, and accessories, amongst which will be the following: 2¾ h.p., 3¼ h.p., 4 h.p. air-cooled, and 4 h.p. and 5 h.p. water-cooled motor cycle engines (as illustrated), with all latest improvements in bearings, valves, exhaust, contact-breaker, pulley, cooling, gears, etc., being suitable for cycles, tricycles, tri-cars, and forecarriages. A new contact-breaker on the spring wipe principle, always certain in contact, fitted on a fibre back with an aluminium cover, which is claimed to be perfectly free from short circuits; a silencer, for which it is claimed that, while being a real silencer, it does not reduce the power of the engine when in use; a convertible forecar, which can be fitted with any of the above engines, and having their special air-scoops and two front brakes worked by one lever.

Whitley Manufacturing Co 1902-1929

The Motor Cycle, November 18th, 1903. Page 799