Stanley Show

Today in Motorcycle History

Stanley Show 1903, p831

Richards Beau Ideal Motor Cycles

are shown fitted with Clément-Garrard, Minerva, and J.A.P. engines. (Stand 100.)


Bichrone Motors.

Three examples of the two-stroke Bichrone motors are staged on this stand. Two have a loop frame passing under the crank chamber, and one has the engine fitted close down to the bracket in the ordinary panel of the diamond frame. The engine has been previously described in our pages, and for the benefit of our readers we illustrate herewith the interior of the crank chamber, with the cover plate removed. This shows the method of balancing and other details. The engines, frames, etc., of the Bichrone motors are particularly well finished, and the latter show signs of considerable improvement over last year's exhibit. In addition to the Bichrone motors...

Continued: Bichrone 1902-1907

Werner Motors.

This firm, who were the pioneers of the motor bicycle, both on the Continent and in this country, have many notable improvements for next season. The engine is fixed in the usual vertical position, which practically originated with Werner Brothers. The new engines are 2½ and 3½ h.p., with a bore and stroke respectively of 70 mm. by 76 mm. and 76 mm. by 80 mm. For the first time a mechanically-operated inlet valve has been adopted, both valves being placed forward to meet the current of cool air, and in addition the valve chamber is cast with a division between the cylinder and the valve chamber itself. The timings shaft is fitted across the front of the crank chamber parallel to the crankshaft. The transmission is by means of a V belt...

Continued: Werner 1903

Raglan Cycle Co., Ltd.

Two examples of Raglan motors are shown on this stand. First a motor bicycle with Raglan engine of 2¾ h.p. This, while being strong and neatly made, does not call for any special mention, as the details of the mechanism are on what are now practically accepted lines. The frame and other details of the cycle part of these machines are well up to the usual standard of this old-established Coventry firm. The forecarriage with water-cooled engine of 3¾ h.p. should receive the attention of every motor cyclist...

Continued: Raglan

The Motor Cycle, November 25th, 1903. p831