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A Brief History of the Marque

Motosacoche had factories in Switzerland, France and Italy, and supplied MAG engines to many other manufacturers including AJW, Ariel (pre WWI V-twins only), Allegro, Brough Superior, Bayern, Clement, Condor, Dresch, Goricke, Hamlet, Imperia, Lady, Matchless, Monet Goyon, Morgan, Neander, New Hudson, New-Map, Rex-Acme, Rovin and Royal Enfield. Early Triumph models also possibly used these engines.

MAG Engine Models:

  • 2C 1
  • 2C 2
  • 2C 3 (350cc)
  • 2C 6 (350cc)
  • 2C 7 (500cc)
  • 2C 8 (750cc)
  • 2C 9 (960cc)
  • 2C 10 (500cc)
  • 2C 12 (600cc)
  • 2C 14 (750cc)
  • 1C 9 (500cc)
  • 1C 10 (250cc)
  • 1C 12 (350cc)
  • 1C 14 (350cc)
  • 1C 10C (250cc)
  • 1C 10G (250cc)
  • 1C 10H8 (250cc)
  • 1C 12A (350cc)
  • 1C 14C (350cc)
  • 1C 14G (350cc)
  • 1C 14H (350cc)
  • 1C 14H3 (350cc)
  • 1C 14K (350cc)
  • 1C 14T (350cc)
  • 1C 9H (500cc)
  • 1C 9K (500cc)
  • 1C 9KL (500cc)
  • 1C 9L (500cc)
  • 1C 9M Jubilee (500cc)
  • 2C 10B (500cc)
  • 2C 10C (500cc)
  • 2C 10CS (500cc)
  • 2C 10D (500cc)
  • 2C 12C (600cc)
  • 2C 14C5 (750cc)
  • 85L (850cc)
  • 2C 9A (960cc)
  • 2C 9BS (960cc)
  • 2C 9C (1000cc)
  • 2C 11 (1100cc)

MAG Dresch Engines MAG - Licence Dresch:

  • 250cc MS 604
  • 350cc MS 30
  • Sources: JLB Creations, Wikipedea, Henshaw, Cycle Memory

    Motosacoche 350 M35 1928 GP with MAG engine.jpg
    Motosacoche 350 M35 1928 GP

    Sat, 26 Aug 2017
    thedrewitts at hotmail.co.uk
    M A G unknown engine

    I have just aquired a M A G v twin engine number 63438 2c9a. I would like to know the year this engine was made please.
    Bob Drewitt
    Hockley Essex United Kingdom

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