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NSU History in brief:

In the early years of the 20th century NSU motorcycles were developed, in 1905 the first NSU cars appeared. In 1932 the car production in Heilbronn was sold to Fiat.

During World War II NSU designed and produced the famous Kettenkrad, NSU HK101 a half-tracked motorcycle with the engine of the Opel Olympia.

More NSU history...

ppl71 at att.net
Can you please tell me what engine I have - see pics ...
united states
  • The engine is very similar to a 1937 Pony, but lacks kickstarter, see NSU 1937. Have not found any others as yet.
    NSU-100cc-Perry images posted in Comments
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juanpablo at agricoledusud.com.ar
NSU Motorrad
Hello there:
I'm from Argentina, some time ago I bought some time ago a NSU super Max. Now I want to restore it and I want to find out a little bit more about this fantastic motorbike.
I really appreciate if you can give me some information about my NSU in order to know if is a Super Max or a Spezial Max
Frame number: 1829042
Engine number: 3229750
And a friend is offer me another one that its registered as a NSU 300 but we are no sure
We want to know if is really a export 300 or not.
Frame number is: 1840042
Engine number: 3217954
I really appreciate if you can help me.
Juan Pablo Mocorrea Kuhr
Trenque Lauquen (6400), Buenos Aires, Argentina
jim at expandmark.co.uk
NSU 501 OSL 1936 500cc
Where can I buy or download a workshop manual for the above motorcycle please?
Richard Blundell

john a t hotelsint.com
1957 prima D scooter
Dear Sirs
I have just purchased a 1957 prima d scooter in very poor condition and would dearly love to have it fully refurbished can you give me some guidance and hopefully contact details of any recommended repairer / enthusiast who could assist. It would be lovely to see it in its former glory! Thank you in advance for your support and assistance. Kindest regards John French
John French
U.K. Plough Farm, Chalky Lane, Dogmersfield, Hants. RG27 8TD

  • Perhaps try the UK NSU Owners Club. Site is somewhat dated, but probably a good place to start. www.nsuoc.co.uk
    NSU-1957-Prima-D-JFr image posted in Comments
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grjarry at yahoo.com
NSU vtwin 1908
Dear Messrs Sheldon's EMU
Good afternoon, will you please help me to find some information related to my NSU 996 cc, engine running, a lot of modifications of the original years I think, racing handlebars, front wheel brake, rigid rear frame, and others. A friend of mine motorcycle mechanic on the last picture.
Best regards
George Jarry
Santiago, Chile

  • NSU-1908-996cc-Chile images posted in Comments
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darday651 at hotmail.com
NSU Prima 1957
I have these photos from 1957 very good condition. Would you be interested in them?
Darran Dayan
Calgary, Alberta Canada

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p.brown at aussiebroadband.com.au
1917 ?? V twin
I have a motor in excellent condition and am wanting a magneto for it. Do you know where I would find information on the degrees required for the magneto firing please.
... NSU 500V twin degree of the motor. I measure it at 45 degree but very difficult to be exact!... It has a small footprint.
Peter Brown
West Australia

tetznerkarlheinzgustav07 at gmail.com
found a frame of Nsu 1913 model
How can i identify if it is the same wanted to rebuild need many parts and where to get from
Karl Heinz Gustav Tetzner
Goa India

Tim at ClassicMotorcycleConsignments.com
19506 NSU ?
Can you help me identify this motorcycle>
Timothy J Graber
California USA
  • It appears to be an NSU Fox or Superfox ca. 1951. See https://cybermotorcycle.com/gallery/nsu-1950s/NSU-1951-Fox-100cc.htm
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Wed, 28 Mar 2018
nadeau.hubert at yahoo.fr
Spoke wheel NSU 1937 201 OSL

Hello , I have an NSU 1937 201 OSL , I lost spoke wheel , rear and front wheel . Please , if possible know size . Three models .Two for rear and one for front . Thank you very much . Michel
MARANS 17230 FRANCE Europe
  • I think this means you need two rear wheel spokes and one front, is that the case?

No , just the size spokes rear and front . All spokes no present. Three models differents.
Best regards, Michel
  • Perhaps take photos of the spokes and send them to a wheel rebuilder. Fastlinespokes in Australia would be a good start, or look up the Wheels section in Bikelinks.

Tue, 07 Nov 2017
mattjankowitz at gmail.com
NSU Quick 1951

I have recently purchased this NSU and have been attempting to come up with an approximate value. Any help would be greatly appreciated! It has just under 1600 miles on it with original everything including the tires and spark plug. Runs like a top.
Matt Jankowitz
Ekalaka/Montana USA

Sat May 27 2017
susimo at mail.com
NSU Quickly headlight
Hello, Can you supply a headlight shell for an 1957 NSU Quickly?
Thank you,

Sun Jan 15 2017
turfdvlp at optonline.net
Early Pictures
NSU V Twin
came across old picture from my father, his friend Otto. 2 are from NY 1927 & early1930s. Last picture Otto Sr and my cousin Helmut Germany early 1950. Hope you enjoy them. Any information on models please let me know. Thank you

More I'm thinking NSU picture is Germany 1927. My father was here in 1927 but his childhood friend Otto came US 1928. Unfortunately, my cousin Helmut in 1956 was killed driving a bike and sidecar, 2 on bike 2 in sidecar, hit a tree. He loved motorcycles and at a young age drove around with Ottos father, in picture.

Thanks again, enjoy the pictures. Found your site searching pictures of old bikes.

Fri Jan 13 2017
Catherinecoulson25 at hotmail.com
1914 motor
nsu 1914 v twin
valuation for sale

Tue Dec 20 2016
pitianos at gmail.com
Dear Sir,
Im wriiting you regarding some parts I need for the restoration of my NSU STANDARDMAX
In details I have an NSU STANDARDMAX 1953 (frame number 1240012)
I need the 2 front shock absorbers and the rear shock absorber
Attached you may find the pictures with all the measurements and the exact parts.
Could you please be so kind to let me know where I can find these parts and have them shipped to Greece?

Thank you in advance for your interest and replies.


Tue May 03 2016
peterkennedywid at aol.com
Front suspension
NSU Max 1955
Hi, my Max front suspension bangs going over bumps. I don't have a maintenance book so looking for information to fix the problem

Sat Apr 30 2016
bonvino54 at gmail.com
Air in oil
NSU standard Max
So much air is being picked up the oil is foaming out of the tank

Thu Feb 18 2016

gingerman04 at yahoo.co.uk
Ignition timing required
NSU 501
Can anyone please tell me the ignition timing for the NSU Mod 501

Wed Dec 09 2015
eiichivr at ybb.ne.jp
miss photo
it is miss label.

NSU 1952 Fox 101 OSB LHS front
3 photo. I think so that's a NSU Fox 125 because look like 2st motor!!
I have NSU FOX 101 OSB.
JAPAN.okayama NAME:eiichi kogura

Fri Oct 23 2015
vijay422003 at yahoo.co.in
Nsu Motorcycle
Restored in my father's memory
India- Mumbai

Thu May 14 2015
erroleyberg at gmail.com
nsu 1957, 175 cc
nsu 1957
I please need the original colours of the bike as I am redoing the whole bike
south africa,cape town

Mon Feb 02 2015
gregsgrandon at googlemail.com
Spare Front Lamp Glass Hella and rim
NSU Supermax
Ignition Key,

Tue Jan 27 2015
rolexengg at gmail.com
Problem with headlamp

i am Fredrick Menezes from Goa India.
I have an NSU KONSUL 351.

Problem is , when i ride the bike during the day with headlamp off , the bike does not show any defect or sign of stopping. However in the night when i turn on the headlamp the bike rides well for about 1 kilometer and then suddenly the engine goes off. I can then kick start the bike only after putting off the headlamp.

please help with suggestion on how to fix this problem.

Mon Jan 26 2015
illsley at lamar.colostate.edu
part description
NSU 1953 Konsul 500
description or picture of the fitting from the oil line into the crankshaft end hole for oil to the rod big end.
Ft Collins CO

Wed Jan 07 2015
d.fernandez at lectus.com.ar
I wonder if anyone can tell me where can I get a Owner Manual and Spare Parts Manual of NSU KONSUL II 1953 model and 6V Noris Dianamo.- Also would be nice to know if anyone has original parts to sell
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fri Nov 07 2014
leonsmax at gmail.com
nsu 1936 501 osl
is there a manual available in English for this marque? thanks

Wed Nov 05 2014
blackandredspike at yahoo.co.uk
can engine parts be obtained,eg crankshaft assy
cheshire uk

Fri Aug 12 2011
I have bought this motorcycle thinking it was a Jawa. Ended up it is NOT. Can you help me identify which maker and model is it? I want to restoreit and don't know where to start at.

Sun Oct 26 2014
maxxengland at yahoo.co.uk
Mystery Two Stroke
Twin port 2 stroke, in cream. Tank badge is NSU, it's bigger than a Pony, so perhaps a 200?

Mon Sep 22 2014
michal707 at gmail.com
1959 NSU com lux 250
can anyone tell me about this model as I can not find anything on line thank you Michal

Wed Jun 04 2014
mat.435 at hotmail.com
NSU ? ?? 1924
for me its looks like an NSU how know more?

Mon Mar 03 2014
earlsworld at live.ca
what is the designation of digits in nsu vin
nsu osl
trying to determine year of my nsu for registration purposes

Mon Feb 17 2014
mcchd1 at comcast.net
251 OSL parts
I am looking for a carburetor and intake fitting for my motorcycle. I also wandered wht value the bike may have 20,000 miles indoor stored since 1965 and clean
Wheeling West Virginia

Sun Feb 16 2014
mailfoley87 at gmail.com
Quigley NSU Parts
Quigley nsu
I gave a Quigley nsu which was and n da 60s maybe 50's and it needs a new fuel tap and carburretta to get it back motoring wasn't driven n 40years but does start may a duel tank? If anyone can help with just parts prices or where to buy would be better.
Many Thanks
Cork Ireland

Tue Jan 21 2014
steve at armorindustriescorp.com
Motorcycle Value 1955 NSU Fox The bike has a clear title and runs. Oklahoma City

NSU 1952 Konsul 500
NSU 1952 Konsul 500

Jan 20th 2014

Nsu 52 ohc 500 consul - designed by the designer of the manx norton who went to nsu ? - Hence the similarity - a very collectible bike - ask anyone who was the largest manufacturer of bikes in 52 - answer , nsu - 35,000 in one yr - motze in germany has spares - we have a 1903 nsu in our club , still in perfect condition -

Jack Cairns, USA.

Mon Aug 05 2013

oil capacity
nsu 251 osl
hello. please could you give me the oil capacity please as the dipstick has four notches and is confusing. regards mark.

Fri Aug 16 2013
model year identification
nsu 251 osl
trying to find information to identify the nsu i have from the serial numbers on frame and engine thanks ,earl

Thu Jul 25 2013
dadangsundowo<at> yahoo.com
need parts cylinder barrel, piston,etc
1907 nsu veteran
here i have an early nsu engine 1907, need cylinder barrel, piston, cams? any info about this engine and parts can mail me
thank you.
sidoarjo,eastjava, indonesia

Tue May 28 2013
Engine and parts
NSU super fox 125
I have been given a NSU Superfox that I would like to restore. I will be needing a reconditioned engine as the covers are missing of this one. Are there parts available or am I wasting my time
Johannesburg, South Africa

Tue May 07 2013
Frame number
Should the frame number and engine number be the same on 1954 NSU Max?

Tue May 07 2013
1957 NSU max 175cc
NSU 1957
I have a NSU 1957 175cc that I would like to sell but to some one that wants to restore it. all parts are there .
south africa

Sun Feb 10 2013
NSU Quick motor
NSU Quick
We wish to buy, at moderate price, à NSU Quick motor.
We are located in Montreal, Quebec, canada.

Thu Jan 10 2013
need piston rings
tacoma, wa USA
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