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Fri Dec 07 2012
Need of spares and manual
nsu 101 osb fox 1954
Hi i am from india i recntly picked up a NSU from a remote village here in India from a farmer who's grand father wa using the bike. over the years it is been modified and left to die in their farm. .. Posted in NSU Forum

Fri Nov 30 2012
1954 NSU Lambretta II/125, Electric Start, 3 Speed
Looking for English language manuals for 1954 NSU Lambretta II/125, Electric Start, No Kick Starter. Has 189 Miles. .. Posted in NSU Forum
Try under Books and Manuals - Resources

Thu Nov 22 2012
Por favor si me pueden dar datos de donde comprar repuestos y accesorios para una NSU Prima año 1957
 .. Posted in NSU Forum

Thu Aug 30 2012
mexicandesigner<at> yahoo.com.mx
looking for parts
nsu 600ocl
hi, im from mexico i have a 1937 nsu but im looking for parts to restore it can you help me?thanks

Fri Feb 10 2012
spare parts
NSU Quickly
I have a 1959 NSU Quickly i intend to restore and need to source parts...
.. Posted in NSU Forum

Tue Jan 31 2012
info & parts
nsu prima 150 cc
i need a confirmation of year of manufacture etc
this is a barn find/details known
registraion uop 586
id plate
nsu werke aktiengesellschat.
type 11/56.
baugahr 1957.
fahrgestell 0253461.
engine no. 337660.
blackpool uk

Thu Feb 23 2012
Nsu prima seat cover
Hi there...could you give me some insight on how to change the seat cover of my nsu prima in restoration...very hard to fit...don' t know how to do it. Thanks. Ramiro
Cochabamba Bolivia

Sun Feb 19 2012
1933 nsu 351 os 351 os
hello looking for a speedometer and cable
stoughton ma usa

NSU 1933-351OS-2.jpg
NSU 1933 351OS

Thu Feb 23 2012
pictures NSU
pictures of my last toy at last finished.
valencia (spain)

Sidecar is a copy of the second world war Steils sidecar Boat type, this side cars are being built in china for a company which bought the rights of Zundapp in the eighties and nowadays they are selling a copy of the R36 which was being built in zundapp factory during the second worldwide.

The motorcycle come to Spain in “PLAN BAR” which consisted in compensate the commercial balance between Spain and Germany with military machinery and Spain bought 50 of this NSU 501 OSL together with other vehicles such as NSU 350, Puch 200 and of course the second worldwide motorcycle queen the R36 ( Around 600 units), many of this motorcycle come with sidecar and gun machines included. IN 1958 Spanish army sold them out in lots and I found it in a motorcycle scrapping company.

Regards and thank you again for your comments


Wed Jan 04 2012
reception<at>saukprairiehd dot com

I have a picture taken of my Great-grandfather who was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1918 rectangle tank outlined in lighter (white or beige?) with a circular emblem 2/3 of the way back. Not clear enough to read.

My sister found some photos similar to the attached photo, 1912 NSU 350 TT, The springs on the seat look a little different so maybe a different year?


The bike is very similar to this 1914 NSU

Tue Jan 03 2012
startreacle<at>hotmail dot com
MANUAL FOR 251 1949 0SL in English
NSU OSL 251, 1949
I am looking for
colchester ,england

Wed Dec 14 2011
ocbarbu<at> yahoo.com
NSU 500 TS
Dear Sirs, I am just about to finish to restore this bike but I can not find the cover of the clutch and I guess there are still a few parts missing between the kick startes and the clutch. The bike is from 1936 and I would much apreciate if you can give me a hand where I can buy this part of at list the dimensions of it so I can make it.
Thank you very much, Octavian - Romania

Sat Nov 26 2011
Parts manual / Spare parts NSU quick 1950
NSU Quick 1950
I do have a NSU Quick, year 1950.
Please help me with the parts manual for retoration and where I cant find spare parts.
El Salvador, C.A.

Thu Nov 03 2011
rfmenezes<at>rediffmail dot com
I own this Motorcycle at Vasco da Gama, Goa, India. It is in perfect working condition.

NSU Konsul-351-Goa.jpg
NSU Konsul 351 Goa

Wed Sep 14 2011
igor.atanasovski<at>gmail dot com
1958 NSU prima 3
i have at home here in macedonia-skopje vespa-scooter nsu-prima 3 from 195? year.i am not intrested to repair this scooter and to drive,but i am intrested to sell the scooter.scooter is dark blue-green colour with original parts,so do u think that i have a chanse to sell the scooter somewhere in eu or in world or do u know somebody who is intrested to buy that scooters?and do u can tell me what is the real price of this scooters?
hope to receive answer form u,
igor atanasovski


Tue Jul 05 2011
I'm looking for an NSU moto Club in Belgium
1956 NSU Super Max
I'm looking for an NSU moto Club in Belgium.
Does somebody know something about it

Suggest you try the Classic Motorcycle Clubs section of Bikelinks.

Wed Apr 27 2011
mathew.hallinan<at>bigpond dot com
pillion seat on nsu max 55
nsu max
i have a nsu max 55 , the bike has a carry rack on rear guard . can you purchase a rear saddle with ring grip to suit this model . i believe it was an option . also can you buy white rubber knee grips for tank. can only find black at the moment . cheers matthew in australia

Fri Apr 08 2011
roysphotos<at>btinternet dot com
NSU Quickly F23 1963.
I have bought this NSU Quickly F23 for restoring. Would you have any idea of the correct colours the bike should be. The engine number is 3958907 and the frame, a 1963 version, is 1802271.
Antrim, Northern Ireland.

NSU 1963-Quickly-F23-1.jpg
NSU Quickly F23 1963

Wed May 18 2011
Year of manufacture
NSU 1928 500
Please help me to establish the year of manufacture for an NSU 500 I am staring to restore.
The seller claims 1928 is the year.
The engine number and frame number are: 80148 and 48441.
Thank you, Brian Hough

Mon Jan 10 2011
NSU 500 cc sv
I am buying a 1928 NSU 500 sv.
Is the model number 501?
The bike is in pieces and needs the Amal carb and some cables. Any suggestions?
Brian Hough

NSU 1928-500SV.jpg
NSU 1928 500cc SV

Mon Jan 10 2011
1936 NSU
Dear Sir,
My name is Oren Makover from Israel; I'm renovating an NSU gust like the model you have. I'm having trouble to find parts for it and I hope I'm not rude to ask for your help. (especially engine parts)
Please send me some web sites - if you know any, or names of stores that I can buy form in the us.
You can also contact me through e-mail
I can send you pitchers of the bike (and other cars I renovate, if you are interested to see).
Thank you very much for your help.

NSU 1936-Israel-1.jpg
NSU 1936 Israel

Sat Dec 25 2010
Are they still around
NSU Prima 1956
Had a NSU Prima in 1956-58.
Should have brought it to Australia in 1958.

Fri Dec 17 2010
nsu 250 FOR SALE
nsu 250
Hello! I would sell my NSU250 max
the bike is in Italy (MODENA)
good condition

NSU Max 250-Modena-2.jpg
NSU Max 250 Modena

Sat Dec 04 2010
Information required
NSU petrol powered boots Circa 1952
Can you supply any more information on the pictured powered shoes the lady is wearing the info on the photo says NSU motor show 1952

NSU 1952 Motorclogs.jpg
NSU 1952 Motorised Boots

Thu Nov 18 2010
romi-8k<at>yahoo dot com
informatio required
nsu max 1954
we are maintaning this bike for past 40ty years as non of part of this bike is not available in pakistan and the petrol averege is also very high however its an ideal model and we want to keep it use thats why we want your moral suport if u could provide us in the relevent information to get its parts or if you could provide us replacement thanks. . . . . . . .

Sun Nov 14 2010
1930 NSU
NSU 1930

You list this machine as a 1930 NSU https://cybermotorcycle.com/gallery/nsu-owners/NSU-1930-V-Twin-detail.htm

However, the baujahr list here only lists v-twins in the 1924-27 model range. And they don't look like this bike. This bike has a license plate holder similar to those used in Spain. Could it be some Spanish clone with an old NSU engine? NSU used to stamp its name on the left of the engines, and this one does not have the stamp.

Baton Rouge, LA, USA

Wed Oct 20 2010
wiring diaghram
n s u super max
1963 model new ignition switch wiring diagram for same

Tue Sep 07 2010
parts needed
nsu 1951 fox 4 cycle
I'm restoring a 1951 nsu fox need chain guard, side motor cover,kick start lever,chain,gas tank may consider purchasing second bike, fox or superfox, hope to purchase in canada or us if available
alberta, canada

Fri Aug 27 2010
unknown year of NSU
NSU unknown
can anyone identify the model number and probable year of this NSU motorcycle?
Wisconsin USA

Sat Aug 21 2010
Help Required
NSU Super Fox
Looking for a kickstatr lever,forv a 1957 superfox

Fri Jul 30 2010
lyount.ca<at>netzero dot com
Project NSU
NSU not sure
Can you tell me by serial# what I have?

I have 3 rolling, 3 engines and boxes of parts. Please help if you can or direct me to someone who can. Thanks in advance.
Serial #


Larry Yount
Shelby, N.C.

NSU singles-NC-2.jpg
NSU Singles NC

Mon Jul 26 2010
NSU TT 1200, auto engine, used in the Munch Mammoth
NSU TT1200
I have an NSU TT1200 auto engine that I bought from a salvage yard in Van Nuys CA. in 1967. The car was new, (262 miles on odometer), front end total, rear engine perfect.
Never used, it has been stored in a container in the High Desert of SoCal most the time since.
I wondered if it might be useful to a Munch Mammoth owner?
Southern California

Fri Jul 23 2010
troysr65<at>yahoo dot com
2 quickly s mopeds
n s u quickly s
i want to sell both mopeds they been in storage for 27 years could you tell me aprox. value
Belfast, Maine

NSU Quickly-S-Maine-1.jpg
NSU Quickly S

Mon Jul 12 2010
1913 speed record
NSU 1913
I am just starting to research about my Grandfather, Max Hazel, who was a mechanic in England and set some speed records on his NSU in 1913 and I was wondering if you have any further info.
Toronto, Canada

Sun Jun 20 2010
burt<at>fitzrich dot com
DKW Aero 166
I need 2 Aero 166 decal logos. Also would like to find a Victoria, either restored or complete ready for restoration. would conisder partial exchange for my Aero 166.
Chicago, USA

Mon May 03 2010
steinbachenator<at>gmail dot com
how much is a barn fresh nsu worth and will I be able to get it running with the parts that are out there.

Thu Apr 08 2010
y2kpamss<at>hotmail dot com

Searching for a repair manual or electrical diagram for a 1952 NSU lux.
Canada Try under Books and Manuals - Resources

Sat Feb 20 2010
murat.i at gmx.de
nsu 1953 model motorrad
nsu 1953
ich habe ein nsu motorrad model 1953 zu verkaufen,wenn sie interesse haben melden sie sich bitte zurÃ&frac14;ck.mfg

Wed Feb 17 2010
ajp170 at aol dot com
1936 NSU Pony Parts
NSU Pony
Looking for parts, service manuals,and signs.

Wed Jan 20 2010
mel at vintons.demon.co.uk
NSU Supermax
Wanted Supermax 0-90 MPH speedo.
Have Sportmax fuel take to sell

Thu Jan 14 2010
g.kirilov at yahoo dot com
NSU Motorcycle
I'm interested in the model and the year of produce of the motorcycle

NSU Combination-Bulgaria.jpg
NSU Combination Bulgaria

Dec 18 2009
subject: NSU Motor
Email: susan-holman at q dot com
message: I have a NSU motor I think its a supermax 250 or 300 but there are no numbers or writing anywhere, there is a 26 on each side of the cases casted in on the bottom. Can you tell me anything about it it is in premium shape.

Sat Dec 12 2009
mtnmgt at yahoo dot com
nsu 251 osl
What are these bikes worth? Good running condition?
NV The page on Classic Motorcycle Valuations may give you some insight into its current worth.

Tue Nov 24 2009
damien at nelsonandco.net
Help Identifying NSU Yr/Model
NSU Don't Know
My grandfather owned an NSU in Australia sometime around the late 40's and I'm hoping someone can help me identify as much of it as possible. I'm attaching the only photo I have of him, which shows him on the bike. I'm hoping to try and purchase and restore a bike as close as possible to this one. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I can see that it seems to have a springer front end. It looks like the clutch handle comes out of the end of the bars rather than inside the grip. It looks like there is a passenger seat, but I can't tell if its a one piece seat or two. I can see the fin style exhaust...that's about all I can tell.
Houston, Texas

Thu Oct 29 2009
tubmaxson at roadrunner dot com
NSU Watercolor Batik
Sheldon, I hope you are well. I have logged on to and registered on your site, and am spending way too much time browsing around. I was very pleased to see the watercolor Batik that my wife painted, featured on the NSU area. As you know it is the NSU Max Weltmeister Gas cap from the NSU Special and Super Max from the mid-50's

I would like your website visitors to know that we have a limited number of signed/numbered prints of the Weltmeister Batik available for purchase. If anyone is interested they may contact me directly or via you.

Sun Oct 18 2009
leo-nsu at hotmail dot com
Merialdo Leandro
Manual de reparaciones de nsu max.
Argentina Try under Books and Manuals - Resources

Tue Aug 11 2009
stanc69 at yahoo dot com

NSU 250 cc
I have a 1962 NSU for sale,not sure what it is worth?

Fri Jul 31 2009
kfvargas at mail dot com
NSU Superfox
I have a 1958 superfox in need of restoration and want to know if there are any downloadable manuals I could get. Thank you
Costa Rica Try under Books and Manuals - Resources

Thu Jul 16 2009
mohamed.baggar at yahoo.fr
livre technique
nsu max
i would like to know if you can send me a technical book of nsu max
marrakech morocco

Sun Jul 12 2009
esodecoy at comcast.net
NSU Seat
Looking for a GWS Seat for an old NSU. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Fri Jul 10 2009
mwizbicki at hotmail dot com
nsu 53 lux
i just purchased a 53 lux, does anyone know the proper premix ratio and type of oil?

Fri May 22 2009
kcole at hn.ozemail.com.au
Gear Shift Lever and Tail Lamp
Gearshift lever complete & Tail lamp Complete & Headlamp Reflector are required

Thu May 14 2009
grunt4 at att.net
spare parts
nsu max
need spare parts for engine

Mon Apr 13 2009
nayeem1957 at gmail dot com
need repair manuals
NSU Konsul
Manuals for repairs or I want to sell the bike

NSU Konsul-India.jpg
NSU Konsul India

Sun Apr 12 2009
redaquarium at gmail dot com
NSU Prima 150cc 1956
boa tarde gostava de saber onde posso conseguir frontal para esta scooter e o preço?

Tue Mar 17 2009
kryssukas at hotmail dot com
Nsu logo
nsu 1939 198 cm3 we dont now
I wanna put new NSU logo to my motocycle.
I need to now what font they used?

Mon Mar 09 2009
jurassicparts at live dot com
Nsu Prima 150cc 1959
Nsu Prima D

Fri Feb 27 2009
manolissaravelakis at yahoo.gr
nsu konsull ll
nsu konsul 1951 500cc
my love

Tue Feb 24 2009
nalim at email.cz
NSU OS,OSL,ZDB,TS,T,.S,Quick, Pony, ZD
Hi oldtimer friends ,
I can help you with motorcykle of NSU, Only preware model. Send me.

Thu Feb 12 2009
jean-claude.bouvarel at wanadoo.fr
My new blog "PASSION NSU"
Welcome to my new blog "PASSION NSU"
You'll find the history of the legendary German brand ... Cycles, Autos and Motorcycles ... NSU http://passionnsujcb.canalblog.com/
Quimperlé, Brittany, France

Tue Jan 27 2009
denmoto777 at hotmail dot com
NSU 331 1935
Hi, I need a service manual
Moscow, Russia

Wed Jan 07 2009
vic-jackie at comcast.net
Original NSU MAX Manuals
Maintenance Manual in English.Spare parts list in 6 languages. I owned a 1958 model and have had these over 50 years. Anyone interested let me know.
Gallatin TN
Hi there, I am more interested in someone being able to use them i.e.
someone working on restoring an NSU MAX. At a minimum I would want the
postage covered, but would also consider any offer if they have value. ---
Vic Hargreaves.

Sat Dec 27 2008
denmoto77 at mail.putin
NSU 350 1935
hi i need any information for NSU 1935
moscow russia

Thu Dec 18 2008
kartagines at msn dot com
NSU 251 ?
Por favor mandenme toda la informacion posible de esta moto, modelo,año de fabricacion,,..etc y si tienen algun manual o libro y cuanto dinero vale. Gracias
cartagena(murcia) ESPAÑA

NSU 251-Spain-1.jpg
NSU 251 Spain

Sat Dec 13 2008
Brian.Moeller at fpsmail.org
NSU Motorcycle
NSU SuperFox
I was wondering if anyone could help me make a positive identification of a NSU Motorcycle with a Frame #2114358 and an engine number of 3124789.
USA - Fremont, NE

Try the serial numbers page.

Wed Dec 03 2008
hermias at gmail dot com
download password
restoraiton and repair 251 osb/56
hi this is mine NSU i need a repair manuel part1-part2 could you send me password for download manuel?

NSU 1957-251OSB-Turkey.jpg
NSU 251 OSB 1957

U Max repair manual -English language- Part 1 (engine) PDF
NSU Max repair manual -English language- Part 2 (body, electric system, tools. . .) PDF
Email for details, quoting this page.

Sat Nov 01 2008
dario-al81 at hotmail dot com
Download NSU MAnuals
Hi... My name's Dario im from argentina. I've a NSU Supermax 56... I want any information about this motorcycle. Thank for All great Page.. And sorry for my poor english.
At. Dario

Wed Oct 22 2008
stephan.zorn at t-online.de
NSU Max Scrambler
I am collecting parts of a NSU Geländemax. The engine and the frame are complete but I am looking for a special fuel tank.

I have read that NSU has sold a special NSU Scrambler S-20 for the US market.

I am looking for that special gas tank. That gas tank is a little bit smaller, is original used for NSU Maxi and Superfox and is modified for the Scrambler Max with a bigger tunnel (The frame of the Max is bigger therefore the modification).

NSU Gelandemax.jpg
NSU Gelandemax

Wed Oct 15 2008
jackcbishop at yahoo dot com
NSU year identification
NSU Supermax
Hello, I wonder if you can help me identify the year of my NSU? It is fr.#1845973 en.#3239648. I'm not sure if the numbers are consecutive from the beginning #s you had posted. If so, then that would mean mine was the 15,000th and some produced. Thanks very much! Jack Bishop p.s. Any recommendations as to where parts may be procured?

Try the serial numbers page.

Thu Sep 25 2008
startreacle at hotmail dot com
NSU 1949 251 OSL
Is it possible to obtain a workshop maul in English for this machine? Mnay thanks
Colchester England

Thu Aug 28 2008
festopen at hotmail.com
NSU 300 1956
Nesecito BE MY Nsu parties for 300 of 56, rear lights, handlebars and handlebars, De Luca keys, key contacts, horn, or whether it is possible if Can I get e-mail addresses of homes that engages in these parts. Thank you.
Fabien SANCHEZ-Argentina - Buenos Aires
Argentina - Buenos Aires

NSU 1956-300-AR2.jpg
NSU 1956 300

Thu Jul 31 2008
illsley at lamar.colostate.edu
NSU MAXI engine for sale
NSU MAXI, 1961
I have this engine but the frame was stolen, so it needs a new home. I'm in Colorado
Colorado, USA

Sat Apr 05 2008
dan at digiclaim dot com
NSU 350 OTL twin port
Needing help. Info parts, pictures, other owners. I'm clueless. I own Indians, but couldn't resist the bike.

Mon Apr 07 2008
stuartdent at tiscali.co.uk
Unidentified racing bike
NSU Unidentified
Hello all! I wonder if you could help me with identifying this NSU? It's marked as being taken at the 1954 Eifelrennen at the Nurburgring, but I have so many wrongly marked-up I'm suspicious! I've purchased (with copyright) a lot of similar 1950s negatives , many of which I'm struggling with - so if this is the sort of thing you enjoy there could be dozens to follow! Many thanks in anticipation of your assistance, Stuart

NSU 1954 racer

Sun Mar 16 2008
www.joelisanp at verizon.net [bounced]
NSU front fender wanted
I need a front fender for a 1950 NSU251 osl and anything else that I can purchase for that model. Thanks
NewJersey, U.S.A

Wed Feb 27 2008
siggytico at hotmail dot com
Looking for parts
NSU Konsul 1953
I am looking for the mufflers and original handlebars to restore a vintage bike.
New Jersey

Sat Feb 09 2008
liamsweetman at eircom.net
nsu konsul 11
anyone know if any other carb will fit nsu 501 konsul

Tue Nov 20 2007
nsu quickly 56-57
pictures available on request

NSU Quickly-1956-Aberdeen-1.jpg

Tue Nov 20 2007
bigballs at vodamail.co.za
Have you seen a bike like this and value
1928 to 1930 NSU
Hi, wanting to get into contact with other people who have a bike like the one we have.
gave them NSU 500 +-1929 /motor no 80148 // 11ps 496cc //rahmen no 484419 // gewight 180 kg. this is the specs that I have on the bike, if you send me an email, I will send you more pic's
Queenstown South Africa

NSU 1929c-496cc-SA.jpg

Fri Nov 09 2007
tgh at internet.is
50 cc 1955
Have you manual for me

Try under Books and Manuals - Resources

Mon Nov 05 2007
jimgilbert at earthlink.net
NSU Konsul II
I'm looking for information ion a 1951 NSU Konsul II, in english.
an you help.
Jim Gilbert
Madison, MS

Sat Oct 20 2007
andrej.bozic2 at telemach.net

Dear Sirs, I should be most greateful if you could help me about Repair Manual (part 1, 2) for this NSU tipe.
I look forward to your reply. Andrej
Ljubljana (SLOVENIA)

[Download directory login sent. Ed.]

Fri Oct 05 2007
rfmenezes at rediffmail dot com

I own a 1951 NSU Konsul in Goa, India.
I do not know anyone in India or even in Asia having this bike.
I am proud of this German masterpiece.
Dr. R.F. Menezes

Tue Sep 25 2007
legocheaga at telefonica.net
Fork Special tools
Hi, I need dimensions for special tool for dismantling my NSU MAX forks. Help is much appreciated.

Fri Sep 21 2007
qms at centrin.net.id
NSU FOX, 100 CC MODEL 1951
The gearbox broke. Need info whre can I get the parts. Actually the 1st gear which also function for sarter kick gear
Jakarta - Indonesia
I do not mind to buy the whole engine unit if no 1st gear spare available.
Attchaed is the image.
Hidayat Leony

Fri Sep 14 2007
hakemo at everyday dot com
PDF Repair,info etc.
NSU Quickly L 1958
Yesterday i get a NSU Quickly L 1958.
I need some more info about the bike.
Specially a PDF repair book if there is?
Also other info is deeply wanted....

Best regards from Kent

Try under Books and Manuals - Resources

Mon Sep 03 2007
valeriapar at adinet.com.uy
fotos o informacion nsu os o osl 1930
mi nombre es javier y tengo uns nsu os de 1930 con freno a la derecha ¿donde puedo conseguir foto o informacion?

Sat Aug 25 2007
mookos at gmail dot com
What Model ?
hey, I have a problem, I found some family pics and I don't know what bike is on it. Could you help me recognize it, please.

NSU Tasmania.jpg
NSU Tasmania

Wed Aug 08 2007
dfordens at googlemail dot com
NSU Max 1954
hi there. My name is Alvaro and I live in London. The thing is, my dad had a NSU Max 1954 when he was young. He still remembers the bike (after having many more different bikes since then). He is getting old, and a bit depress. Last week Isaw the world's fastes indian, and the movie made me realize that if my dad would have his teenage year's bike again, he will be very happy for the rest of his life. I'm looking for one. For what I've seen, I've got more chances of finding one in germany. Do you know any tips that would help me finding one? It's is really impossible?
Thanks for your time in advance

I'm sure there will be an NSU Max available for sale in the UK, though they may not appear very often. Certainly you'd pick one up in Europe if you have too much trouble finding one in England.

Try some of the auction sites listed at bikelinks, perhaps:

Tue Aug 07 2007
djhaywardmc at aol dot com
NSU Prima (1957)
NSU Prima
Please can anyone give me some idea as to the value of my 1957 NSU Prima , one owner from new, poor condition, but everything is complete, many thanks, DJ

The page on Classic Motorcycle Prices may give you some insight into its value.

Sun Aug 05 2007
helena.valo at seznam.cz [Wrong address? Sender please contact again]

Good afternoon,
I found photograph od my grandfather and his father on some kind of bike N.S.U. Can you help me, what is the name of this bike?
The photo is probably from 1927.
Thank you.
Helena Valo
Czech Republic
Ostrava, Czech Republic

NSU 1927c Single CZg
NSU 1927c Single CZ

Mon Jul 23 2007
wfcarroll61 at yahoo dot com
NSU Motorcycle Serial #L22805
I am trying to find information on this motorcyle. I have just purchasedit to restore. Searching galleries have not found match to it. Any help along with related images for year would be greatly appreciated.

Mon Jul 16 2007
longevity254 at yahoo dot com
Nead parts and info
NSU 175, 50, 350
Doing a couple of restauration proyects, a 175, quickly and 350.
Can somebody let me know a good source for parts

Tue Jul 10 2007
lauramannion2000 at yahoo.co.uk
parts wanted
nsu prima 1961 scooter
all above wanted in white if possible

Sat Jun 30 2007
saiko at rock dot com
NSU 1959 Special Max 251OSB
Hello Dear
I have NSU 1959 Special Max 251OSB and where I can find this motorcycle parts ? Can you help to me for find ? If you can Really good for me

Thu Jun 21 2007
gourlayindia at aol dot com
Rubber Seats
NSU Prima D
can I get replacement seats for the above Scotter?

Mon Jun 18 2007
chris.murgatroyd at arup dot com
I am looking for a NSU Max or Supermax to buy. Please send details if you have one for sale. Collection can be arranged.

Sun Jun 17 2007
geros1968 at hotmail dot com
New Old Stock NSU 1959.
NSU Supermax - moved to nsu-supermax.htm

Wed Jun 06 2007
Bonanza352000 at yahoo dot com
NSU Motorcycles
Wankel Engine
I have been looking for information on a motorcycle I remember from close to 40 years ago. I bought it as a project, and my memory tells me that it had a Wankel engine. Could this have been true? If so, where might I find more information about this bike?

The bike in question is a Hercules W2000. Ed

Fri Jun 08 2007
ducky7 at eaglecom.net
I have one of these that is complete except i'm missing the front wheel, motor , and the air breather...where could i find these items at a reasonable cost , and if i just restored it the way it is what would it be worth...mine is a NSU Supermax - 1958....what is it worth as is????thanks for your time

The page on Classic Motorcycle Prices may give you some insight into its value.

Wed May 09 2007
chandra.ikhsana at indosat dot com
how to buy an nsu part?
nsu fox 1952
hi my name is chandra
i'm from bandung west java indonesia
i own a 1952 nsu fox
it's honored if i can joint this mailist
thank u very much

Wed Apr 25 2007
ceciferamos at hotmail dot com
motos nsu konsul
soy propietaria de dos nsu konsul 500cc quiero conectarme con otros propietarios en sud-america

Robotrans: I am the owner of an nsu konsul 500cc I want to contact other owners in south-america.

April 23rd 2007
I have a 1960 Prima D to sell. After years of work I have finally given up and it needs a careing owner to really make this beauty shine. I have spent a lot of money and time on it - the motor has been rebuilt, the gearbox redone, fuel tank has drained cleaned and treated with tank liner and finished with a ceramic coating. The electrics have been redone with new wire loom, globes and connected to operational level. Tyres and new inner tubes. It has been tuned and new batteries added. Mild steel and stainless steel nuts and bolts have been used in the reassembly. New leather seats...

NSU Prima D 1960 Australia 1.jpg
NSU Prima D 1960 Australia

Wed Mar 28 2007
mel at vintons.demon.co.uk
NSU Supermax 1959
Can anyone help with a rockerbox and timing side cover please

NSU Supermax 1959 1.jpg
NSU Supermax 1959 1

Tue Mar 27 2007
peter at silverstarbikes dot com
NSU Prima Scooter
NSU Prima D 1958
I am restoring an NSU Prima D and am wondering how close the Lambretta LD150 is (as a source of parts), as these are cheaper and easier to find in Australia. Anyone able to help?

NSU Prima D 1958.jpg
NSU Prima D 1958

Sat Mar 24 2007
marie.noonan at ittdublin.ie
Repair Manual
NSU Sportsmax 250cc 1957 motorbike
can you let me know where I could download a brochure and repair manual from the net - my father recently purchased this motorbike

Thu Mar 08 2007
harald at westecker dot com
NTD MS-Access Version
NSU Prima (Bj58)
It would be nice to send the Access-Version of the NTD to me.
Thanks in advance.
Harald Westecker

[Have been unable to find the Access version - original site appears to be unattended at present. Have archived it and can duplicate it if necessary. Ed.]

Mon Mar 05 2007
robertrostan at hotmail dot com
tengo una Nsu250 modelo 58 eso es lo que me dijeron quiero saber si tienen algun rejistro y se puede saver que modelo es y el color que venian y en que estado de originalidad esta
saludos roberto

NSU Modelo 58.jpg
NSU Modelo 58

Sat Mar 03 2007
galzi at bellsouth.net
Can anyone tell me what make and model NSU my grandfather is sitting on? He is the one on the passengers seat on the far left. He told me it was 500cc. This picture was taken before WWII. He told me the bike was drafted.

NSU group photo pre-WWII detail.jpg
NSU group photo pre-WWII detail

Tue Feb 06 2007
porkchopp at lks.net
NSU Pics for your web site
1953 NSU Lux
Here are some pics you may use on your site. I noticed the Lux is a very understated and discussed Motorrad. The pics of me riding "Betsy" were on the night before I sold it to a gentleman in Texas. The fastest I had it going was on the A5 near Lahr. I found a garage across the Rhine in France that sold 110 octane at the pump. The speedo read 110 kph. Don't drive into the wind though, the 8.6 hp motor didn't have a lot of torque. The last nights ride (tucked in) I had it doing 94 kph. I drove 11356 km on "Betsy" and every kilometer was a great adventure. I passed on all of the paperwork with her for others to enjoy (original plate, LR N 508, german registration, hand book and warrenty book). The best way to describe riding a bike like this is to say that it takes you back to a simpler time when getting to your destination was fun, enjoyable and did not have to be fast.
I hope I will see someone riding "Betsy" one day. I'm sure she'd like it that way!
Plainfield, Ontario. Canada

Mon Jan 22 2007
lesandian at hotmail dot com
NSU 1924 250cc
My father in law (80years old) has asked me to find out any information I can on the above bike. Apparently there is only one left in England and I think he would really like to see it or get in touch with the owner (I think he might have some parts for it - not sure) Al I know is that is was a 2 speed I.O.E engine, long stoke - if that means anything to you and I would really like to be able to give him some information.
Manchester and Leicester

Mon Dec 11 2006
Goldnadel at vipmail.hu
NSU 501 TS-chopper from 1928.
Chopper umbau.

NSU 501TS-chopper.jpg
NSU 501TS-chopper

Tue Nov 21 2006
aggelosmac at yahoo.gr
searching authentic parts of nsu motorcycle
nsu fox(?)
i have an nsu motorbike which my grandfather had in the 50's-60's .it runs perfectly, but i have a small problem whith the cylinder(the external body is broken in a small place)can you tell me how can i find auhtentic parts? greetings from greece

From: Illsley [mail-to:illsley AT lamar.colostate.edu]
Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2006 4:31 AM
To: biker AT cwizard.com
Subject: NSUs

Just read your March '05 entry in European motorcycle universe. If you're still there aand interested, I'm an elderly BMW / NSU person. Briefly, I still have the 98cc factory Fox that won the Catalina road races (125 cc) in '51 and 52. 51 with Dave Ekins and '52 with me. Also have a mostly together Supermax with spare engine / tranny, and an engine / tranny
for a 175cc Maxi. Present project is putting together an R75/6 that I've just had the 5speed w kickstarter tranny gone through, and replaced the clutch plate, and new rings.
At my age, I should start looking for new homes for some of this stuff.
All the best,
Norm Illsley
Ft Collins, CO

Wed Nov 01 2006
conspiracionmayor4 at yahoo.com.ar
NSU Original Colors

Necesito conocer los colores originales para una moto, NSU supermax 250 cc. Modelo 1959.-

I need to know the original colors of a NSU 250 Supermax - 1959.

Thank´s for your answer
Muchas Gracias

Sun Oct 08 2006
gerardo at britlan dot com
NSU Remodelation
We are interested to know about parts, accesories, engine and electric cables, we are from Costa Rica Central America and just got a NSU 1953 model and we would like to restore it like brand new one, we also would like to get some pictures if you guys have some and info about it . thanks
San Jose Costa Rica
I am attaching pictures of the motorcycle. I am not sure what the model of the motorcycle is and I need to know in order to buy parts and accessories. If you know what model it is or know how I could find that information please let me know. Thank you for you time.

NSU 1953 CostaRica 002.jpg
NSU 1953 CostaRica
NSU 1953 CostaRica 003.jpg
NSU 1953 CostaRica
NSU 1953 CostaRica 004.jpg
NSU 1953 CostaRica

Fri Oct 06 2006
noiaforme at charter.net
1961 NSU for sale - 175 cc
1961 NSU "Triumph" Maxi Sportster Eng
I need to sell this bike which was bought in 1965 and has been off the road and garaged since 1977. Any interest? It's in Vt.
Verrmont, USA
NSU Club - Indiana
I am trying contact an NSU motorcycle club in Indiana. Can you help?

Try the Classic Clubs section of Bikelinks:

Sat Sep 02 2006
moghejay at yahoo.co.in
So sorry I sold it
NSU FOX 1954
I am feeling damn frustated on seeing the website .I had a NSU fox 1954 (BMC42 registration)...two years older to me which my pop bought when it was 15yr old and we used it for another 18 years .The first time the engine was opened for after its 30 birthday as no problems were ever there.I opened (refitted and reused) only to see if there were any parts therin .Each part was as good as new, no bruises, no wear at all.I sold it coz I could not maintain it personally. I hear she is in Germany back home ::Shame on me.
Ajay Moghe
Pune India

Pl find a B W scanned snap of my dear old NSU Fox 123cc two stroke 1954 model
Due to the local government requirements , a safety cover is required on the rear wheel . In India a saree is worn by the females who sit with legs on one side and since the saree (cloth length is 15feet) has a long flowing nature some protection is necessary. This can be seen as a MS sheet covering the rear wheel.a seat with handle is added on the rear carrier for pillion seat.I had finally made a dual seat with long shock absorbers and changed the handle to a high rise (like a cruiserbike) for comforting my pops back
Ajay Moghe

Tue Aug 15 2006
van.munster at planet.nl
NSU Superfox
Ich verfüge noch über eine (leichtbeschädigde) aber originale Betriebsanleitung der NSU Superfox, Ausgabe 1955. Interesse?

Robotrans: Manual NSU Superfox I has still a leichtbeschädigde however original manual of the NSU Superfox, edition 1955. Interest?

Wed Aug 09 2006
muhlissagir at mynet dot com
MUHL&#304;S SA&#286;IR
NSU 1952
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,Ich habe seit 40-45 jahren ein blaues Motorrad 1952NSU Typ FoxA4 Fahrgetell Nr:1654191 98 cc 81 k&#287; zum.ges.gew 231 k&#287; Adres:K&#305;z&#305;lay &#304;&#351;han&#305; kat1 Erzincan/Turkei

Robotrans: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have for 40-45 years a blue motorcycle 1952NSU type FoxA4 Fahrgetell NR: 1654191 98 CC 81 k&#287; zum.ges.gew 231 k&#287; Adres: K&#305; z&#305; lay &#304; &#351; han&#305; kat1 Erzincan/Turkei

Tue Aug 01 2006
gaskonb at hotmail dot com
sidecar nsu 250 super max 1954
Mi nombre es gaskon tengo una nsu 250 super max y estoy buscando informacion sobre el sidecar original que lleva planos constructivos ,fotos ect. desde ya muchas gracias

Rough translation: My name is gaskon has one nsu 250 super max and is looking for information on original sidecar that it takes constructive planes, photos ect. from already thank you very much

Thu Jul 20 2006
rfmenezes at rediffmail dot com
I am a proud owner of one of the finest piece of German Engineering.
My late father had purchased it in 1952 in Goa, India.
It is in very good working condition.
Dr. R.F. Menezes,
"Menezes House", Mangor Hill, Vasco da Gama, Goa, India, 403 802
E-Mail: rfmenezes at rediffmail dot com
Goa, India

Wed Jul 19 2006
ellaine-109 at yahoo.com.ph
NSU Quickly
Hello! Im from the Philippines who happens to own an NSU Quickly. I want to sell it but have no idea about its value. Can someone please help!

Wed Jul 12 2006
sudden88 at inbox dot com
spare parts
nsu fox 1959
send wokshop manual.are parts available?

Tue Jun 20 2006
haybale98 at hotmail dot com
nsu 250 motorcycle

I am looking for an NSU 250 in the USA for race bike application.
Providence RI, USA
I just scored a 100% complete original 1960 NSU supermax for about $2000

Now where to find racing tank & seat set up?
also lookng for stock saddle seat complete....currently has bench seat

Wed May 10 2006
pdove78 at hotmail dot com
For Sale / Value help
1957 NSU Super Max 250cc
My father has a '57 NSU supermax that our family needs to sale. My dad had a stroke and his motorcyle days are done (sadly). How much is one of these worth? It runs pretty good, it just has a dent in the exhaust. It has a title. It's located in Utah, USA, any help would be appreciated.

The page on Classic Motorcycle Prices may give you some insight into its value, Paul. Ed.

NSU Supermax 1957 250cc Utah.jpg
NSU Supermax 1957 250cc Utah

Sun May 07 2006
gabriele.pianura at virgilio.it
NSU weltmeister 1953
125 probably
i'm to remaking to new a nsu who have write on the tanker weltmeister 125 - 250 and the year 1953, i needed some photos to paint. i'm sorry for my english.

Fri Apr 28 2006
reedspeed1 at aol dot com
info needed
nsu 50cc baum streamliner
I need any and all infor, especially specifications and pictures) of the recliner Baum streamliners that NSU ran at Bonneville in the 50,100,125 and 250 classes in 1956. I am going to build a replica if I can obtain enough information.

Regards, Jim Reed
Ft. Pierce, FL USA

Thu Apr 13 2006
jimwat4 at hotmail dot com
info on a bike i have???
nsu cavalino
hello was wondering if anyone could halp me???????? i have a nsu cavalino and i would like to know more about it I.E history value etc can anybody help me ?

Fri Apr 07 2006
mansilladan at yahoo.com.ar
NSU1930 whit sidecars
I need documentation abaut motorcycles NSU 1930, whit sidecars
Thank yuo for cooperation, sorry but my inglish is sore. I send pictures of the sidecar

I believe the sidecar is a Stoye. See the Sidecar Gallery

Tue Apr 04 2006
kindorb at hotmail dot com
Trying to find information on NSU-- Type 251OSB, #1846008. Found in barn, been sitting since 1963.
California USA

Tue Mar 28 2006
keithloc at hotmail dot com
NSU pre-war motorcycles
NSU 501osl
I am desperately searching for a list of engine serial numbers for pre-war NSU bikes. 501osl, 351osl, 251osl. Can you help?
Thanks in advance, Keith
Indiana, USA

Sun Mar 12 2006
robertcasella at adelphia.net
I have an nsu frame #1519310.From the research that I have done it looks like a quick d rad. Does anyone have any info that they can give me? Is this a rare model? What is its value?
Thank You

Sat Feb 25 2006
lsand at nccray dot com
NSU motorcycle
I have a chance to pick up an NSU motorcycle very cheap. I think it's a 175. Needs restoration but is fairly complete. I don't want it. Does anyone?

Mon Dec 26 2005
reconarm at yahoo dot com
Unsure about what kind of NSU I have
I inherited an NSU from My grandfather. I am having trouble finding out about it, though. It is about a 1950- 52 NSU Griffen. I would greatly appreciate any information on it. It is a piece of my family's history and I would like to learn more it.

Thu Dec 15 2005
consolidated77 at aol dot com
kick start
i need a kick start for a 1956 nsu motorcycle. please let me know if you have one or where i can find one thanks. steve

Sun Dec 11 2005
stevecat12 at hotmail dot com
NSU in the USA
I'am looking for any NSU information on the 1954 Catalina race. I beleive Dave Ekins won the 350 class and was I think was placed 3rd in the 250 class. There were 6 max's in the 250 class , who were the other riders. Any info on this meeting , names of the support team members, web sites,what type of engines were used (standard, super, sports ? ). Also any info on the other NSU,s that were at the meeting.
 Any info would be greatly appreciated
any info on any of the other meetings held in the USA, big bear, green horn,moose run, etc. from this era involving NSU

Sun Nov 27 2005
borge.kjeldsen at dnainternet.net
Gold stripes.
Hello NSU-friends!

My name is Börge Kjeldsen and I restore old motorcycles. I am Danish but I live in Finland and I speak Scandinavian languages and understand little English but not German. I has begin restore a NSU Konsul II from 1953 but I have a problem concerning the gold stripes. Could anybody please tell my how broad must the gold stripes be on the fuel tank (2 pcs?) and elsewhere.

Grateful for answer

Börge Kjeldsen
Laurilantie 15
27800 Säkylä

NSU Konsul II engine R.jpg
NSU Konsul II engine R

Mon Nov 07 2005
brumpscampbell at yahoo dot com
NSU 2 Stroke
Could you please tell me some info on a NSU motor cycle i have found. It is a 2-stroke about 50cc and has the engine No.48-01-00-002 any info will be greatly appreciated.

Wed Oct 19 2005
kjfurness at sympatico.ca
NSU Konsul engine?
Hello all.I am seeking information as to the date of manufacture of a Konsul engine I believe to be a 500cc unit. The engine number is:971213. I would like to either buy a chassis or sell the engine. Thanks so much Kevin in Ontario Canada.
The bottom of the cases are stamped '31' in the form of 'match marks'? The piston is about 80mm diameter and the cylinder barrel is about 300mm from the base flange (sitting on the crancase mouth) to the head joint.I think it's a 500 but i'm not sure? Any help would be apreciated. Thanks from the colonies...

NSU Konsul Engine.jpg
NSU Konsul Engine

Sun Oct 16 2005
ajwatson1942 at hotmail dot com
NSU part needed
I am trying to locate a kick starter for my 1952 NSU Lux. My starter foot peg is broken. My bike looks just like the 1952 NSU that you already have pictured. I brought this bike back from germany over 20 years ago.

Tue Oct 04 2005
lorilivermore at yahoo dot com
Electric system
Looking for a schematic for a 1956 NSU Max I am trying to work with the wiring that someone has been worked on before. In the Wiring diagram in the Manual works if everything is there.
Need help, What is what? Need info on how to make the system works.(schematic) and how to get bosch parts for the Max.

NSU Max 1956.jpg
NSU Max 1956

Sun Sep 18 2005
picolo3 at mts.net
NSU Max 250
when I was a young child I fell in love with the motorbike that belonged to my oncle. I think that it was a NSU MAX 250; I have found several pictures of an that model but the one I fell in love with was a two seater i.e. it had two big seats.
I was wondering if anybody has a picture of that model and was willing to share it with me.
Thank you so much

Tue Sep 13 2005
gt23mill at msn dot com
NSU Quickly 50 from 1962
I have a full bike from 1962 that has had the head re-threaded and 70% of another NSU from around 1960. I am looking to sell both bikes. Open to offers. Any offers contact gt23mill at msn dot com

Fri Sep 09 2005
djurdjevn at neobee.net
I have NSU Lux 1952 year. I live in Serbia and i sand picture of my NSU! I am soory my English is bad :(

Sat Sep 03 2005
shelby at dmcom.net
I am in need of some help. I purchased this NSU at an auction, purchased as a WWII German Motorcycle. Some No. on the frame lettering BAUJAHR 1940 ??? Is that the year??? Color scheme not sure of in lighting set up. Engine No. 421632, also has HUBVOL.97CCM, could this be the displacement size?? I'm trying to sent pictures. Thanks for any help you can give me at the time....Terry

Sun Dec 31 2006
leermoment1 at hotmail dot com
nsu 1940
if he still owns this bike then he got a rare lady's nsu quick the frame numbers from 1940 started by:1384030 -? the nubers till 1953 are unknown If he needs more information he can email me and i will try to help him

Mon Aug 15 2005
tinacousins at centurytel.net
nsu bike
I found an nsu bike at a garage sale. I am looking for information about it. It looks a lot like the 1954 nsu max. has a motor #740984. Could you let me know who to contact for information.

NSU Max type c1957 unrestored.jpg
NSU Max type c1957

Thu Aug 11 2005
dpayne at kos.net
NSU quickly moped
Do you have any information,like a repairmanual or parts list

Thu Jul 21 2005
777paul at fsmail.net
NSU Renmax
Just thought you might like to see this!

OK , I think you'll like this,the bike is a factory GP bike built in 1954.It was to be Werner Haas spare bike in '55. The chassis was first fitted with a 125cc motor and as such still holds the landspeed record for a 125, I am reliably informed. It now has the 250 motor intended for the '55 season and is in totally original and unrestored condition!! Note the HANDMADE MAGNESIUM tank!

I'll take some more photos of it this weekend,in the meantime what do you think of this Quickly! (see gallery)

Thu Jul 14 2005
motorii-2000 at yahoo dot com
Halloo We are from Macedonia.We have a Motor from 1964 mark:NSU with one cilinder.We want too sell that Motor Please tell to as how much u offer the price.

Sat Jul 02 2005
NSU FOX 98CC for sale

June 20th 2005
Greetings from Taiwan!

I just went to the motorycle shop around the corner where a friend does custom work...

NSU Agrima Quick 50 LHS.jpg
NSU-Agrima Quick 50 LHS

Sat Jun 18 2005
swlacal at aol dot com
1936 NSU Motorcycle

Recently I purchased a 1936 NSU motorcycle. Before I send out the engine and parts to be restored, I would like to know the bikes make/history. Do you have a suggestion as to where/what resource is available for checking engine numbers and frames?

My engine is identified as 212859
My frame is identified as 1102062

Thank you. Scott

NSU 1936 Unrestored.jpg
NSU 1936 Unrestored

Wed May 04 2005
weigand4 at hotmail dot com
tengo una
tengo una nsu 250 mod 58 decearia contacto gracias atte hugo

Robotrans: I have one nsu 250 mod 58 decearia contact thanks atte hugo

Wed Apr 13 2005
derek.dignam at bms dot com
NSU numbering
Could you please help me with some engine numbering for NSU MAX models. I have a number of engines and I am finding it difficult to distinguish them into the models Standard, Special and Super. Do you have an engine number index by year / model.

So far I've found only information on frame numbers at home.t-online.de/home/andreas.mehlhorn/maxhist-e.htm (404), the NSU-MAX homepage of andreas.mehlhorn. Ed.

Tue Apr 12 2005
ali-karabagli at hotmail dot com
NSU FOX 1952 Turkey...

Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005
subject: need help on bike
Email: jvgolden at powernet.org
message: I recently acquired a NSU motorcyle and need help in identifying it. Appears to be of the Max variety but am not sure. Serial number is 2131543 and engine number is 3306883. Any help would be appreciated.

NSU Frame Number 2131543.jpg
NSU Frame Number 2131543

Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005
subject: nsu
Email: ckmtr at yahoo dot com
message: Nsu vin number question. Do you have any idea what model nsu the chasis number 8824, and motor number 3921433 would correspond to?

February 5th 2005
1957 NSU Superfox Brochure

NSU c1938 Sofia Bulgaria, Photo on Ebay
Vendor's Description:
NSU-251OSL (data for Wehrmacht version) Years of production: 1936 - 1942, (Wehrmacht version since 1938) Overall amount: ? units Engine: 10.5hp/5000rpm, 1-cyl, 4-stroke OHV, 242cc Bore/Stroke: 64/75 mm Compression ratio: 6.8:1 Carburettor: Amal M 74/426, Bing, Graetzin KE20; 20 mm Chain Length: 200cm, width: 76cm, saddle height: 68cm Wheelbase: 1285mm, clearance: 11cm Gearbox: 4 speed foot Tube frame Parallelogram front fork Weight: 136 kg (aluminium block) Maximal speed: 95 km/h Tyres: 3.00-19 inches Fuel tank capacity: 11.5 L Fuel consumption: 2.6 L/100km