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Ducati 1962 48cc Piuma Sport

Fine photography by Phil Aynsley

Ducati 48cc Series 1962-1965

The 48cc range was introduced in 1962 with three light 48cc motorcycles without pedals.

The 48 Sport had a 12 litre tank styled rather like the Diana, and there was an export version with different sidecovers and a "jellymould" tank, a more highly tuned engine and a more steeply inclined carburettor.

There was also the US export model, the Falcon, with smaller 18" wheels, a larger tank, solo seat and kickstarter. Another model which belongs in this group is the Piuma 48 Sport, which was sans pedals.

The following year the Sport and Falcon models sported single downtubes, and in 1964 fan-cooled engines from the Brio were introduced. 1965 saw the appearance of the 50cc air-cooled models including the SL1.

For 1962 the UK market received three Ducati twostroke models, the 48 Puma Moped, the 48 Sports, and the 80 Sports. (The 80 was announced but may not have been delivered.)

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