Ducati Motorcycles

Ducati 50 SL1 1967

Fine photography by Phil Aynsley

From the Peter Calles collection.

Ducati SL Series 48cc-50cc 1964-1969

Introduced in 1964 with a fan-cooled engine from the Brio scooter, the first of the SL series was the 48 Sport Lusso, know as the Cacciotore in Italy and possibly as the Falcon in the United States.
The 50cc SL arrived in 1966, the first of which was the quite beautiful SL/1 which had a tuned engine (bore increased to 49.5mm), a four-speed foot-shift gearbox and twin filler caps in a style familiar to the now famous Mk3 250. It was available with both low and high-pipe exaust systems. These particular machines have achieved quite astonishing prices at auction.

Following models were all turismo types - and by comparison, rather pedestrian. The SL1/A came in 1968, and the the last of the line, the SL2 with its very angular fuel tank, in 1969.

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