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Ducati 1986 Montjuich

The Montjuich was released in 1986 as a limited edition (200 made) version of the 750 F1. Differences included major engine tuning with hotter cams, bigger ports, larger carburettors, new crankcases to suit improved gearbox parts and a lightened & ventilated clutch. Aluminium was used for the swingarm and tank. Higher spec wheels & brakes were fitted. A competition Verlicchi exhaust was used. Unusually this bike has the tank breather on the RH side. Also later model master cylinders are fitted instead of the correct F-1 type. 95hp at 10,000rpm. 155kg. For 1987 the Montjuich was replaced by the Laguna Seca (200) and in 1988 the Santamonica (300). Photographed in New Zealand. 2012. Bill Irwin collection.
Image and description courtesy Phil Aynsley Photography

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