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Parilla 250cc Grand Sport 1963


Parilla 250cc Grand Sport Production Racer

GS, in the Italian sense, stands for Grand Sport, and this model was the Parilla's top production model of the day. Equipped with Dell'Orto SS1 carburettor and a fairly wild cam, it was many a rider's production racer. In the United States it proved popular on the track and was campaigned by Norris Rancourt and Ron Grant, although only around 50 of this model made it into the country.

Moto Talbott Collection

East of Monterey and not far from Laguna Seca Raceway, Moto Talbott began with the gift of a coffee-table book about the Guggenheim Museum's "Art of the Motorcycle" collection which toured the world in the late 90s. For the following two decades or so Robb assembled a remarkable collection of machines, many reflecting his personal experiences in the field as a young man. In recent years the idea came to him to present his passion to fellow enthusiasts, and with the help of his good friend and collaborator Bob Weindorf the museum was born. More...

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