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Automoto 175cc 2 HP type MF 1926-1928


Engine: two-stroke; bore 60 mm, stroke 62 mm; 175cc; Power 2 HP;

Lubrication: a mixture of petroleum and oil

Ignition: magnetic flywheel in an aluminium housing

Carburetor: automatic two levers for petrol and air regulation

Frame: reinforced to cope with unpaved roads, complemented with a steel tube under the tank; Saddle stored with maximum regard for the lowest center of gravity.

Forks: swinging

Wheels: 650 x 50; Front brake control lever on the handlebar, the rear pedal.

Footrests: aluminium treads (to protect the feet from mud)

Fuel Tank: oval shape accepting 6.5 litres of petrol and 2.5 litres of oleic oil


Brakes: Front?, Behind the block

Transmission: Campbell system, 2 speeds

Transfers: 1 primary chain from the motor to the gearbox beneath the aluminium cover; 2 secondary V-belt (16 mm) from the gearbox to the rear wheel.


Brakes: drum on both wheels

Transmission: System Campbell, 3 speeds

Transfers: chain-chain

Source: Automoto A9