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Automoto 500cc OHC 1928-1929 Chaise

Engine: CHAISE - bore 85 mm, stroke 88 mm; 500cc four-stroke OHC; monoblock; Power 5 CV; 2 exhausts;

Lubrication: Automatic mechanical pump

Ignition: high-voltage magnet with variable advance

Carburetor: AMAC automatic with two levers

Transmission: 3 speed engine block

Transfers: Renold chain brand under cover

Frame: Special; doubled under the engine; very robust with loops for connecting the side-car

Forks: brand new; Type A parallelogram mounts

Wheels: 19"; balloon tyres 27 x 4.40; 194 mm diameter brake drums

Footrest: aluminium or rubber treads

Tank: fuel at about 12.5 gallons of gasoline and oil separate into 2 litres of oil to the pump for lubrication chain

Knee: rubber, very adaptable to the sides of the tank

Electrical equipment: Marchal dynamo with battery

Instrumentation: set in the tank; may include: odometer, speedometer, 8 day clock, switch box, ammeter

See also A10 and AL10, which also used the Chaise engine.

A 12 250cc OHC

A 14 220cc SV

Source: Automoto A9