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Report from The Olympia Show, October 1929

"As usual, Veloce, Ltd., are concentrating on two distinct types-249 c.c. two-stroke and 348 c.c. overhead camshaft four-stroke. Each of these is made in two or more different models.

The O.H.C. machine, as being the winner of the Junior T.T., Ulster Grand Prix, and many other important races this year, commands more attention than the very useful but unobtrusive two-stroke.

The well-known K and KE machines, which sold last year at £68 5s. and £61 respectively, have been combined, into a KN model at £62 10s. The frame of this is similar to that used on the 1928 KSS machine, having the extra large ball head and the curved under tank rail to facilitate cam-box removal. Similar to the KN, except that it has sports mudguards and a sports carrier, is the KNS. This also sells at £62 10s. The KSS is retained with minor improvements, but the price is now £70 only. This machine is capable of some 80 m.p.h. with an open exhaust. The new O.H.C. Velocette is known as the KTT and is an exact replica of Alec Bennett's winning T.T. mount. It can be obtained with an engine compression suitable for either petrol-benzole or alcohol fuels. The gear-box has the patented foot-change which proved so useful in the Isle of Man, and the saddle tank is fitted with the large junction pipe for quick filling. The price of this machine, which is very suitable for competition work, has been fixed at £80.

Two types of two-stroke are now listed, the "U" -U for Utility- at £38, and the USS at £42. The former is similar to the 1928 edition, hut has a few detail additions and improvements. The USS is a new model with an aluminium piston, detachable cylinder head and stiffened crankcase. No release valve is fitted, the engine being started quite easily without one."

Information courtesy Motor Sport Magazine

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