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Velocettes for 1934

Olympia Show, November 1933

Velocette 1933 KTT

The racing overhead-camshaft Velocette - the K. T. T. model, which has hairpin valve-springs and a four-gallon fuel tank

Velocette 1933 MAC Engine

Totally enclosed valves are a feature of the new o.h.v. models. This is the 350 c.c. "M.A.C."

Push-rod Models Added to a Famous Range of o.h.c. Machines with a Fine Racing Pedigree

Stand 38


MODEL M.O.V. - 248 c.c.; single-cyl. o.h.v. Velocette; sump lubrication; magneto ignition: Oil-bath chain case; 4-speed gear with foot control; fuel, 2½ gals.; 26 x 3.25in. tyres.
Price With electric lighting (solo) £47 10S.

World-Famous on road and track, Velocettes are well known as exponents of the overhead camshaft. Recently, however, the makers have introduced 250 c.c. and 350 c.c. push-rod engines. They have kept the push-rods short by raising the timing gear, and taken special pains to ensure mechanical silence. The valve gear is entirely enclosed.

The frame is of the cradle type, and both models are of typical Velocette excellence. The price of the three-fifty (M. A. C.) is £49 10S.

MODEL K.T.S. 348 c.c.; single.cyl. o.h.c. Velocette sump lubrication; magneto ignition; oil-bath chain case; 4-speed gear with foot control; fuel. 4 gals; 26x3.25in. tyres; q. detach. interchangeable wheels.
Price with lighting (solo), £59 10S.

Typical of the camshaft range is the K.T.S. A four-gallon tank is a new feature which adds to the appearance Of the machine, and the four speed-box is now foot-operated. Special valanced mudguards and chain protection are employed.

The K.S.S. is a model of rather more sporting aspect, with 27x3in. tyres and lighter guards; it sells at £59 10s. The K. T. T. is a racing model, sold at £89. There is also the well-known 250 c.c. two-stroke, which now has a transfer port cut in the piston.

The Motor Cycle, Nov 30th 1933, Page 732.