BSA Motorcycles 1950s

1951 BSA A10 and others COLOR Sales Brochure



This brochure was printed in Oct 1950 which I believe makes this a 1951 BSA model year.

The brochure covers the following:
BSA Bantam 125 Model D1
BSA 350 Model B31
BSA 500 Model B33
BSA 500 A7
BSA 500 A7 Star Twin
BSA 650 A10 Golden Flash
BSA 250 C10
BSA 250 C11
BSA Bantam 125 cc Competition Model
BSA Competition Model B32
BSA Competition Model B34
BSA 350 B32 Goldstar
BSA 500 B34 Gold Star
BSA 500 OHV Model M33
BSA 600 Model M20

Brochure front page shows BSA police bikes and goverment service BSAs. This brochure is an overseas edition of the brochure number ME209-70 (export BSAs, not the brochure for bikes in England)

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