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(Courtesy Ben Ludolphy and Franco Oliani)

Built in 1974, the MTRM machine was made by Carlo Mazzucato from Italy.

The MTRM engine uses a Desmodromic valve operating system, which dispenses with the need for valve springs. This particular engine was "Home Made" and was a purpose built speedway engine.

We are not sure how many valves this particular engine had (we suspect there were two) and the Desmodromic cam was belt driven. Take a close look at the engine and see for yourself the absolutely superb finish and workmanship.

For more information on the Desmodromic type of engine and how it works, go to the Frank Arnott Page.

Update ...

More information has arrived on the MTRM by way of Franco Oliani who kindly has sent in some more pictures of the machine.

Franco has sent in these pictures and confirms that the engine had actually 2 valves as we suspected.

Not easy to see, but Carlo Mazzucato is the stout gentleman in the white t-shirt and cap in the background of the first picture (Right). The two black and white pictures show the same model of machine, whilst the colour picture show a later version with different frame, rims and engine plates.


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