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Lowen Sidecars

Lowen Sidecar 1907

The Lowen two-wheeled sidecar attachment with driver and passenger seated.

Lowen and Co.
(Stand 169)

Lowen's patent sidecarriage - a novel two-wheeled attachment for converting motor bicycle into a four-wheeled passenger vehicle. Two examples are shown, one with a coachbuilt and one with a, wicker body. The illustration which we publish on page 951 clearly depicts the method of construction. The seats in both cases are supported on C springs, and much ingenuity has been displayed in making the attachment readily detachable. To the front and rear attachment tubes a breach lock joint has been fitted, so that it is possible to remove the sidecar within five minutes.

Another point that will appeal to all motor cyclists who contemplate the use of the sidecar is the fact that this one, although embodying an additional wheel is, we are told, as light as, or even lighter than, some makes of sidecars with their attachments.

Stanley Show 1907
The Motor Cycle November 27th, 1907.

One of the most attractive passenger combinations at the recent Show was the above 7 h.p. two-speed Matchless-J.A.P., with Lowen two-wheeled sidecar. In addition to the body being suspended on long C springs, it will be noted that spring forks are fitted to each steering wheel. We are told that the steering has now been rendered quite easy.

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