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1960 BMW R60 and Tilbrook sidecar

The bike is a 600cc OHV twin with the odometer showing 59,273 miles. The bike has travelled a mere 2,618 miles in the past 17 years. Note, the bike has not covered any miles since Sept 2008 when the registration expired. Club registration log books since 1997 reflect the infrequent and minimal use.
The bike is an easy starter, idles smoothly and performs well at all speeds. Gears select and shift up and down with no issues. Brakes function smoothly and positively. All lighting, charging, horn, switches, warning lights and speedo (incl odometer), steering lock & glove box lock work. The bike leaks no oil in operation or when left standing. It currently has Pirelli tyres fitted to polished Akront rims (bike only) and have plenty of miles left.

The following work has been performed since 1998:

§ Engine pipes re-chromed and new exhaust clamps fitted #
§ New Overland stainless steel mufflers #
§ Seat re-foamed with new cover and piping #
§ NOS genuine fuel tap which has been retrofitted with O ring #
§ Front & rear brake shoes re-lined
§ New 6 volt battery – Jan 2014 #
§ The faces of both Bing carburettors have been machined true/flat.

# Nil miles travelled since fitting

The sidecar (chassis stamped No 215) is an original Tilbrook sidecar made by Rex Tilbrook in Adelaide and has been hand lined (pin stripe). The sidecar has a flat steel floor and there is no rust evident. The floor inside is carpeted and has the correct original badge on the nose of the body and the wheel hub. There is a small crack in the windscreen that has not moved in years. However a new replacement windscreen is included in the sale (requires mounting holes to be drilled). The front & rear lights are not wired up. A rear vision mirror has been added for the passenger. A machined circular step has been added to the sidecar chassis to assist the passenger stepping in & out. The rim is chrome (not Akront) and has some evidence of pitting to chrome but still presents well. The upholstery is in good condition.

Listed on November 2014

BMW Motorcycles of the 1960s

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