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Christophe Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1919-1959 (possibly earlier than 1919)

Address: 152 Avenue Malakoff, Paris

The Christophe was a subsidiary of Automoto after 1919.

Engines: AMC, Aubier Dunne, Peugeot, Himo, Indénor, Villiers, Semas, Vap.

Models include:

1923 100cc Automoto two-stroke
1938 Kap1 to Kap14 100cc 2t Peugeot single and two speed models
1946-1948 Ks 125cc 2t Peugeot 3-speed model
1949 125cc 2t Peugeot 3 speed
1949 125cc 2t Aubier Dunne 3 speed
1949 125cc 4t AMC 4 speed
1950 150cc 4t AMC 4 speed
1951 100cc 2t Villiers 3 speed
1953 125cc 2t Aubier Dunne 3 speed
1957 49cc 2t Automoto single speed
1957 48cc 2t Himo single speed
1958 48cc 2t Vap 57 single speed
1958-59 49cc 2t Semas single speed
1959 48cc 2t Himo single & 2-speed

Production ceased in 1959, but machines continued to be sold until 1962.

Sources: Motos dans la Loire, Tragatsch p103, et al.

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