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Soren Kj?r kindly sent in the following pictures and information of machines that were used by a rider called Leif Hveem around the 1949 period, and who built the frames.

The machine (Left) was used for Long Track Racing and was powered by an SRM engine, of which very few were apparently made, and they disappeared again after a short while.

The SRM (Swedish Racing Motor) engine was, apparently designed by Folke Mannerstedt, who had formerly been the chief engineer at Husqvarna, and it featured many interesting design components and advanced material utilisation for its time. Among the features was a valve diaphragm and camshaft layout completely different from that used on the JAP engines, and pointing toward, what several years later, became common on ESO's and JAWA's.

The picture* is of a similar machine used and built by Leif Hveem for the Short Track. Powered by a JAP Engine, Soren Kj?r mentions that he has seen both of these machines for himself, and was very impressed with the excellent craftsmanship in the frames and also adds that he suspects that maybe the standard looking JAP engine may not have been so "common" inside.

The two photos* shown are from a Norwegian book made about "Basse" Hveem entitled "Pa 2 Hjul, which translated means on 2 wheels. Ben Ludolphy also points out that the Basse were designed and made by Norwegian Kjell Samsing, and the layout and the finish is perfect.

Ben was also able to shed some more light on the SRM machines. Available as both 350cc and 500cc, they began their life as Husqvarna's, and after the WW2, it was Folke Mannersted that used the old Husqvarna engine for a special project done by students of a technical school. With regard to this engine, Ben had found an article in a Swedish magazine, but being in Swedish, translation was something of a problem.

The engine was named the HVA-STI (Stockholm Technisk Institute), and after a short period, Mannersted renamed this engine the SRM. Perhaps I should point out at this stage, that the HVA was the original name of the Husqvarna and were the initials of Husqvarna Verken Aktienbelag.

Engine: .......... 80 x 90mm
Power: ............ 47 / 50 Bhp @ 6,600 R.P.M
Magneto: ....... Bosch type "FF" or Scintilla type "NA1"
Carb: ............. Amal type 1011 - 33 mm at a 23 degree angle.

The word is that only 50 complete SRM engine were ever made, and it was used mostly in Scandinavian countries. The HRM (Haggstrom Racer Motor) also from Sweden, was made from parts of the SRM engine, but Haggstrom used in his HRM only the cylinder and head, and designed a new stronger crankcase and gear driven magneto.

You will recall the first two pictures shown on this page show machines made by Leif "Basse" Hveem, and thanks to Ben Ludolphy, we can now also show you the man himself as this picture (Right) shows. Here he can be seen warming up one of his J.A.P powered Speedway machines.

You will also recall that Leif's machines were made by the Norwegian Kjell Samsing. Pictured (Below) is a photograph of the 1950/51 longtrack-machine made by Kjell. This particular machines houses the 500cc SRM Motor and has a 2 speed gear-box from the Swedish Company Drott. On this machine there is also a rear spring system.

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