Automoto Motorcycles

Christophe Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1919-1959 (possibly earlier than 1919)

Address: 152 Avenue Malakoff, Paris

The Christophe was a subsidiary of Automoto after 1919.

Engines: AMC, Aubier Dunne, Peugeot, Himo, Indénor, Villiers, Semas, Vap.

Models include:

  • 1923 100cc Automoto two-stroke
    1938 100cc 2t Peugeot single and two speed models
    1946-1948 100cc 2t Peugeot two speed model
    1949 125cc 2t Peugeot 3 speed
    1949 125cc 2t Aubier Dunne 3 speed
    1949 125cc 4t AMC 4 speed
    1950 150cc 4t AMC 4 speed
    1951 100cc 2t Villiers 3 speed
    1953 125cc 2t Aubier Dunne 3 speed
    1957 49cc 2t Automoto single speed
    1957 48cc 2t Himo single speed
    1958 48cc 2t Vap 57 single speed
    1958 49cc 2t Semas
    1959 48cc 2t Himo single speed

Production ceased in 1959, but machines continued to be sold until 1962.

Sources: Motos dans la Loire, Tragatsch p103, et al.

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