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Matchless Sidecars 1935


(To fit Models 35/D3. 35/D5, 35/D80 and 35/D90)

This handsome sidecar is specially designed for the models mentioned, the three main connections of the chassis to the motor cycle incorporating rubber block clamps which absorb all vibration and twisting stresses, while the fourth connection ensures maintenance of correct alignment. The body is exceptionally commodious, there being ample room for a six-foot passenger, and is fitted; with a large windscreen with side panels which slides forward to allow the passenger to enter and leave the sidecar. The body is of the doorless type and incorporates a large locker behind the back cushion- The wheel-rim is chromium-plated. Supplied complete with screen and electric side lamp.

Price £12 5 0


(To Fit Models as No. 3)

Similar to No, 3 above, but with door, luggage-grid, cubby-hole in the scuttle and quick-action windscreen.

Price ..   ..   £14 15 0 

(To fit Models 35/ D3, 35/D5, 35/D80 and 35/D90)

This sidecar maintains its position as the most handsome sidecar which has ever been produced. Finished in black and chromium- with broad chromium deck strips, it forms a perfect combination with the black and chromium finished Matchless Motor Cycles. There is ample leg length in the body for a 6-foot 6 in. passenger. The "after deck" carries chromium-plated rails. Wheel-rim chromium-plated. Supplied complete with screen and electric side lamp. Mounted on special chassis as described on No. 3 Sidecar.

Price .. .. £14 15 0

No. 8a "Light Cruiser" Sidecar - as above, but with heavyweight chassis to fit Models 35/C, 35/CS and 35/X4.

Price .. .. £17 15 0

Above can be supplied with special spring frame chassis to fit "Silver Hawk" at £20 15 0

Matchless 1935 No. 13 Two-Seater Sidecar

(To fit Models 35/C and 35/X4)

This sidecar provides ample accommodation for two adult passengers but is so designed chat when only one passenger is to be carried the back seat folds up and the sidecar then has the appearance of a luxurious single-seater. The design of the rear seat is such that it is quite safe for a child, the sides being well protected. This sidecar is supplied complete with front screen and sidecar lamp. The wheel rim is chromium-plated.

Price ... £23 0 0
(To fit Models 35/C. 35/CS and 35/X4)

This extremely smart and luxurious semi-sports sidecar mounted on a " Matchless " " Big Twin " gained the Premier Award for the best sidecar combination at the Auto Cycle Union National Rally at Donington in August. 1934. It offers luxurious accommodation for the passenger and unusual luggage carrying capacity since not only is there very large locker space in the sloping tail but the latter also carries a chromium-plated luggage grid. This sidecar is finished in mottled aluminium. Its handsome appearance attracting attention wherever it is seen, Wheel-rim chromium-plated. Supplied complete with windscreen and side lamp.

Price ... £23 0 0