Matchless Motorcycles

Matchless 1935 Model 35/D3 347cc OHV

MODEL 35/D3. 3.47 H.P.


ENGINE. Overhead-valve two-port sports engine with enclosed and mechanically lubricated overhead valve gear. " Lo-Ex " alloy piston, double camshaft timing gear, decompressor, etc. Bore 69 mm. Stroke 93 mm. Capacity 347 c.c.

LUBRICATION. Full dry-sump system with fabric oil filter, as described on page 4.

GEARBOX. Pivot-mounted four-speed gearbox with hand gear change. Positive stop foot gear change, 12/6 extra.

TRANSMISSION- Oil-bath front chain-case. Rear chain protected by effective guard with back panel. Shock absorber on engine shaft.

EXHAUST SYSTEM. Large diameter twin exhaust pipes, with tubular silencers, low exhaust pipes (as illustrated above) or high competition pipes (as illustrated on page 7) at option.

STANDS. Spring-up centre stand and separate front wheel stand.

TANKS, Petrol tank ; capacity 2 gallons. Separate oil tank ; capacity 3 pints.

SPRING FORKS. Heavyweight tubular with finger adjusted shock absorber? and steering damper.

BRAKES. " Matchless " chromidium brakes with finned drums on both wheels.

MUDGUARDS. Deep section, finished black with gold lines. Rear guard quickly detachable for tyre repairs.

SADDLE. Lycett "Aero" spring seat.

TYRES. 26 in, x 3.25 in. Cord.

LUGGAGE CARRIER.. Detachable luggage carrier 15/- extra.

FINISH. Black and chromium with gold lines and embossed chromium M on lank. Chromium-plated wheel rims.

Model 35/D3, complete with Magdyno electric lighting and electric horn.

Model 35 D3 " DE LUXE " with chromium-edged mudguards and fitted with magdyno electric lighting with large head-lamp, electric horn, speedometer, oil indicator, ignition switch and illuminated instrument panel above handlebars ... When ordering this model please specify clearly whether high or low exhaust pipes are required.