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Matchless 1935 Silver Hawk Model 35/B 593 c.c. V-Four

"SILVER HAWK" (Model 35/B) 5.93 H.P..-£78. 10

ENGINE. "Matchless" double "V" Four-cylinder engine with overhead camshaft valve gear. Monoblock cylinder casting with one-piece detachable head. Two-throw three bearing crankshaft. Shaft drive to overhead camshaft. Vibrationless and silent in operation and capable of very high power output. Bore 50.8 mm. Stroke 73 mm. Capacity 593 c.c.

LUBRICATION. Full dry sump system with fabric oil filter.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. Lucas dynamo-coil ignition and lighting set with shaft-driven dynamo.

GEARBOX. Four-speed with hand control. Positive stop foot control, 30/- extra.

BRAKES. 8 in. internal expanding brake; on both wheels with inter-connecting gear so that brake pedal applies both brakes together.

SADDLE. Large Lycett " Aero " spring seat with roll back.

STANDS. Spring-up centre stand and separate front wheel stand,.

MUDGUARDS. Deep section, with chromium-plated non-rustable beading round edges. Rear guard quickly detachable.

LUGGAGE CARRIER. Detachable luggage carrier, 15/- extra.

TRANSMISSION. From engine to gearbox by duplex roller chain running in oil-bath and fitted with patent automatic tensioning device. Effective guard for rear chain.

FRAME. " Matchless " patent Spring Frame providing complete Insulation from road shocks. Finger-adjusted shock absorbers.

TANKS. Petrol tank ; capacity 2 ½ gallons. Separate oil tank ; capacity 4 pints.

SPRING FORKS, Wide heavyweight forks with finger-adjusted shock absorbers and steering damper.

TYRES. 26 in. x 3.25 in. Cord.

FINISH. Black and chromium with gold lines and chromium " M " on tank, Chromium-plated wheel rims.

EQUIPMENT. This Model is supplied only with complete " DE LUXE " equipment, including electric lighting with large head-lamp. electric horn, speedometer, ignition switch, oil indicator and ignition tell-tale, with, instruments mounted on instrument panel above handlebars.

SPEED, Over 80 m.p.h.

"SILVER HAWK" (Model 35 B), with complete "DE LUXE" equipment... Price. £78 10 0