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Matchless 1935 Model 35/X4 995cc V-Twin

MODEL 35/X4. 9.9 H.P. -   £68 . 15 . 0


ENGINE. "Matchless" "Big-twin," side-valve engine with car-type detachable cylinder heads, enclosed valves, timing gears running in oil-bath. Large flywheels to ensure smooth running. exceptionally stiff crankshaft assembly. This engine is remarkable for its high, power output, silence in operation and vibrationless running. Bore 85.5 mm. Stroke 85.5 mm. Capacity 990 c.c.

LUBRICATION. Full dry sump system with fabric oil filter, as described on page 4.

GEARBOX. Heavy weight pivot-mounted four-speed gearbox with hand gear control. Foot gear control optional at extra charge of 15/-.

TRANSMISSION. Front chain enclosed in oil-bath chain-case. Rear chain protected by adequate guard with back panel. Shock absorber on engine shaft.

STANDS. Spring-up centre stand and separate front stand.

TANKS. Extra large petrol tank with capacity of 3 ½ gallons. Separate oil tank under saddle : capacity 4 pints.

SPRING FORKS. Wide heavyweight forks with finger-adjusted shock absorbers and steering damper.

BRAKES. 8 in. internal expanding brakes on both wheels, with water-excluders. Rear brake operated by pedal on left side of machine. Front brake operated from handlebar.

MUDGUARDS. Deep section, giving exceptional protection against mud. Rear guard quickly detachable for tyre repairs.

SADDLE. Large Lycett "Aero" spring seat mounted on long compression springs at rear.

TYRES. 20in x 3.25 in. Cord. 26 in. x 3.50 in, or 27 in. x 4 in, can be fitted at extra charge.

LUGGAGE CARRIER. Detachable luggage carrier, 15/- extra.

FINISH. Black and chromium with gold, lines and embossed chromium " M " on tank. Mudguards on Standard Model gold lined. Wheel-rims chromium-plated.

SPECIFICATION. This Model can be supplied to either Standard or Police Specification. Standard specification includes footrests. semi-sports handlebars, hand clutch and right-hand gear change. Police specification includes footboards, upturned touring handlebars, foot clutch and left-hand gear change.

Model 35/X4. To Standard or Police Specification, complete with Magdyno electric lighting and electric horn.
Price. £68 15 0

Model 35/X4 " DE LUXE," with Magdyno electric lighting with large headlamp, electric horn, speedometer, air filter, oil indicator and illuminated instrument panel above handlebars, and chromium-edged mudguards...
Price. £72 10 0

When ordering this model please specify clearly whether "Standard" or "Police" Specification is required.

Matchless 1935 X4 Engine

X4 Engine

... a sectional drawing of the sturdy Big Twin engine fitted in the " Matchless " Model 35/X4. Note particularly the large diameter shafts, the roller big-end bearings and the simple design of the timing gear, " Lo-ex 1* Alloy Pistons are used, while the cylinder heads are of the semi-turbulent type giving high power output without fear of knocking or overheating.

("Motor Cycling" sketch)