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The Moto Guzzi

(Photos & Information Courtesy Steve Hazelton.)

Needless to say I was delighted when Steve Hazelton mailed me with an account, together with these excellent pictures, of a very rare machine indeed. Steve writes .....

I own a pair of OHC 4 valve bronze head Guzzi factory racers [early 20's]  which you may find interesting. These were imported by the Fiat agents 'Boro And Franki' in Australia as a pair, in the 20's.

They have consecutive numbers. I have owned the one in original condition for about 25 years. The other I was able to purchase last year  from the previous owner  who had it for some 46 years. These are the only 2 in Australia. They were imported for racing at Maroubra Speedway and Newcastle speedway, in NSW. Both run well...

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