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geral at
moto guzi c1947 ano 1940
penso que tenho uma moto guzi muito rara, gostaria de saber como identificar essa moto.
lisboa portugal

The machine is almost certainly a Condor Condor
Moto Guzzi Condor images posted to Comments

Good afternoon,
I will attach images together, as well as the engine number C1203 and the frame is 21255.
the number on the table is difficult to identify I think it is indicated.
I thank you for your cooperation.
Cyprian Antunes

mikevankessel at
Moto guzzi sport 14
Can you tell me which type of Bosch magneto was used on a 1930 moto guzzi sport 14 ?
M.J van Kessel

If you find a source for this information please share so that it may be added to this page: Sport 14 1929-1930
paul.b a
I require a new clutch for this model. Can anyone advise me if all PE year models, P175, P250 and Airone model clutches and the parts for the clutches are inter-changable?
Paul Barber
Sydney, Australia
clapug at
Moto guzzi?? Arione
Are you able give me some more details about this moto guzzi.
On my journey through Italy I ran into this wonderful machine..
It looks like a Arione - but I am not an expert..
Claus Puggaard

High quality scratch-built scale models are not uncommon in Italy. Cannot say which model it represents.
Moto-Guzzi-Scale-Model.jpg posted to Comments

bsbarr at
Moto Guzzi
I am restoring this motorcycle (photo attached) and am trying to identify the original colour.
The bike appears to be identical to the Moto Guzzi GTW500 1948 on this link: GTW 500 Gallery
Could you provide the details for the colour of this bike?
Many thanks
Brian Barr
Inverness Scotland

Very basic info: Paint Codes
Moto-Guzzi-GTW-BBa.jpg posted to Comments

cadillac32v at
Moto Guzzi Super Alce
I am looking for a new or good used kickstart lever / pedal assembly. Would you happen to have one or have any leads? Also, does anyone reproduce the internal kickstart gears that mesh together? Thanks, Brian.
Brian Faull
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

It's possible there is something useful here: Moto Guzzi at Bikelinks
jim at
moto guzzi lemans 2
Looking to buy the quartz clock for this bike.
Jim Pavlidis
Sydney Australia

matteo at
I have a little collection Moto Guzzi 65/Cardellino/special model 175 /Airone Sport /Sport 15 year 34/ Simplex 175 Ala d'Oro years 34 For SALE
matteo penengo
Canelli (ASTI) Images posted to comments, above.
Sun, 11 Mar 2018
crippsjimpat at<
Moto Guzzi Zigolo (98cc) 1956

Hi, I am renovating a Guzzi Espania ( produced under licence ) and am looking for a solo style Seat , which is proving difficult , I would also consider a later model bench type Seat - if more readily available. Thank you
Jim Cripps
Rayleigh, Essex United Kingdom<

Sun, 11 Mar 2018
crippsjimpat a<
Moto Guzzi Zigolo (98cc) 1956

Hi, I am renovating a Guzzi Espania ( produced under licence ) and am looking for a solo style seat , which is proving difficult , I would also consider a later model bench type seat - if more readily available.
Thank you -
Jim Cripps
Rayleigh, Essex United Kingdom<

Tue, 03 Oct 2017
hschneewind at<
Moto Guzzi Stornello 125 1960-1965 not sure

Hello, I own a MOTO GUZZI model Stornello 125cc 4 stroke not sure of year and this is the reason for writting and asking for help to where I can find any information of year of production. The chassis or frame has a number or VIN that is the same as the engine number. This is * NAP04* This is the only number on the entire bike and it is between "stars" Acording to pictures found on internet it should be 1960 - 65 Can any body tell me the correct year and where to find this reserch ????
Hans Schneewind
cuenca azuay Ecuador

Possibly some help here: Engine Numbers and Frame Numbers
Thu Jun 22 2017
jimfri29 at
2,15X19 Radaelli rim
1948 Moto Guzzi GTV
looking for a rim for my Guzzi.
CT and others stock this rim. See also under wheels.

Sun Apr 23 2017
stevenloones at<
Wixom panniers
Moto Guzzi Eldorado
Hi, wondering if you had some old school wixom panniers for sale? Preferably black. Looking at your site, I'm not sure if i am directing or even asking the right question. Do you guys sell stuff or is this a gathering point for cool stuff? Maybe i need to log in via facebook. Help, I'm a little cobfused and lost but looking for some wixom's.
Western Australia

No, sorry, we don't sell anything. Admin.

Mon Aug 08 2016
iadocumentary at<
Kyle W.
Moto Guzzi 1954 Zigolo 98
I have had this bike on display at my office and am considering selling it. Do you have any idea of interested party or possible value?

It is a '54 and it has the import paperwork and the bills of sale. Let me know if you or someone you know has any interest in purchasing.It has been a display bike for the last decade.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Wed Feb 17 2016
fcowen at<
The Motorcycle and the Motorcycle Rider by Giuseppe Guzz
Moto Guzzi Early
Does anyone know if the book by Giuseppe Guzzi, "La Motocicletta e il Motociclista" from 1942 has ever been translated into English?

  • Unlikely, but possible. It apparently did not go past the first edition. Ed.

Wed Jun 24 2015
Vin number and data
Moto guzii V 35 II
I need tecnical specifikations and motorcycles data for Moto Guzzi V 35II. We find it on the barn.
Frame number is PD15312 and motor number is PC024243. Can you help us. best regards

Sun Feb 08 2015
Mrg.greenway at<
Handlebar switches
Moto guzzi 1996 nevada 750 nt
The light switch on my guzzi is cactus and I am trying to replace it. Either with a complete unit or the light switch part.
Benalla victoria australia

Thu Dec 11 2014
ges52 at
Ignition coil wiring
Moto Guzzi Zigolo 110cc
Hi, I have a magneti marelli 6v B101 ignition coil on my Moto Guzzi Zigolo 110cc that I am rebuilding. One of the terminals has a letter "R" next to it and the other terminal is blank. Can anyone tell me which terminal goes to earth. Any help greatly appreciated.
United Kingdom

Sat May 10 2014
dream290 at

moto guzzi lodola 175
-crank pin
-crank pin bearing set
-connecting rod
-engine gasket kit
-speed meter cable
Please give me the information.

HAJIME YOSHINO &#65288;Toyama JAPAN&#65289;

I understand this fellow is after Lodola parts. Ed.

Mon Feb 10 2014
Moto Guzzi Identification
Moto Guzzi 1949 ?
We recently acquired this Moto Guzzi and are trying to identify the exact model. The fuel tank with oil tank on top together with the front suspension do not match any model I could find on the internet.
The number on the Frame is: 15006 and on the opposite side the name "GUZZI"

The bike is 500cc.

The bike was owned by a Mr De Lance Holmes until his death in 2010. Apparently he bought it from a Mr Bernardi (They were friends)

Any help will be greatly appreciated,
Kind Regards,
JJ van Wyk
Pretoria, South Africa

Fri Jul 20 2012
friction siren
motoguzzi ambassador
looking for a friction siren. 1969
phoenix, az

Sat Apr 07 2012
moto guzzi 750 nevada, clutch cable issues
moto guzzi 1994 750 nevada
Have trouble with the actuating lever/rod at gaerbox ens of clutch cable, is just floppy?, maybe something missing,? I ma new to Moto Guzzis & their maintance, cant find nythin g in online manuals, got new cable but hasnt got any adjsusters on it, Please Help, someone, chris in Tasmania, australia
Geeveston, Australia

Sun Feb 26 2012
side cover
moto guzzi 1984 v65c
i am looking for side covers for a 1984 v65c

Wed Nov 02 2011
Tail Light Lens
Moto Guzzi ISDT Stornello
Need tail light lens for 1965 Moto Guzzi 125 ISDT Stornello
USA, South Carolina

Wed Jun 08 2011
Astore Hoolagan
Moto Guzzi Astore
Someone sent this pic to me. I do not know its copyright statuts. Clearly a Guzzi Astore (1949-53). The rear has been bobbed substantially to fit some really ugly hydraulic shocks. Movie details at: Netflix has it on streaming. I haven't watched as yet.

Sun May 29 2011
trevallynh<at>gmaildot com<
Dellorto carburetor for 1933 Moto Guzzi Sport 15
Moto Guzzi 1933 Sport 15
I contacted you several years ago with great results so I was hoping that this may be a fruitful request as well.

Tue Jan 18 2011
Guzzi Many
Turismo, Galletto, Militare (not Turismo, Galetto, Militaria)
Melbourne, Australia

Verzonden: ma 20-12-2010 15:41
Aan: smid145<at>
Onderwerp: Re: Sheldon's EMU
the very first Guzzi Mazda prototype, still here in Netherlands

Van Veen started Mazda - Guzzi experiment in 1972. The prototype of the Comotor Van Veen was presented in Koln in 1974. Production started in 1975, sales in 1976. After 39 bikes the French supplier Comotor (Citroen) got bankrupt and this makes the Van Veen the most rare productionbike in the world.

More information on Van Veen at

Fri Dec 03 2010
lost keys
Guzzi Griso
IM writing for a friend of mine who is computer illiterate.
Last summer he lost both sets of keys to his Guzzi Griso 1100.
The bike is now sitting in his garage and has not been started since the ordeal.
He has contacted the dealer where he bought the bike here in Vancouver BC Canada, and was told that it would cost him $1,500 , as he would have to replace the ignition and computer.
He cant afford 1,500 and hopes that there must be a way to get a new key cut.
I know if I lost the keys to my 2006 Honda Civic Honda would be able to cut me a new key, so why cant Motto Guzzi?
Please help with some advice on what to do.
Thank you so much
John E .G. Evans
604 279 2010
Vancouver Canada

Thu Aug 19 2010
looking for Moto guzzi
california or ev11 or mandello rosso any
I live in South Africa in Cape Town. I am looking for a Moto guzzi California / ev 11 or mandello rosso. Any suggestions where to try in SA.
Cape Town

Fri Aug 13 2010
robsoon<at>hotmaildot com<
camicia cilindro
moto guzzi lodola 175
cerco camicia o cilindro anche con alette rotte ma camicia rettificabile lodola 175 e pistone galletto 192, albero motore guzzino

Sun Dec 27 2009
afontaina at yahoodot com<
carburators dellorto
guzzi ambassador v750
Hi im searchin for 2 resotored sets of carburators for 2 guzzi ambassador 750. do you have or know who i can call. Im sating only until the 30/12 in london so anything will help. thanks. Alejandro

Sat Dec 26 2009
mitcho399 at gmaildot com<
Moto Guzzi ISDT 125 or 250
im seeking any and all info on Moto Guzzi ISDT bikes I think they were made in the 60's
not sure if they only made a 125 or both a 125 and 250.
seeking photos and all info and if parts are still to be had like a rear hub.
Culver City, California USA

Fri Dec 25 2009
propack1 at hotmaildot com<
Is there a way to obtain a Poster of various Moto Guzzi bykes?

Thu Dec 17 2009
maartenreinierleys at hotmaildot com<
long legged moto guzzi
moto guzzi Le Mans & V50II, LMII
I was very happy to find these posters back on your site.
Is it possible to purchase copies?
Eindhoven, Netherlands No, sorry.

Tue Sep 22 2009
mariano1castro at hotmaildot com<
Cigueñal Guzzi 254 mod79
Guzzi 254 1979
Busco cigueñal de Guzzi 254 modelo 79, cuatro cilindros

Fri Sep 11 2009
matthew.kent at parkerdot com<
Motor Spares
Motor Guzzi 1975 500cc
Require new barrels,pistons and heads. Or 650 conversion kit
South Africa

Thu Feb 12 2009
mckiza69 at gmaildot com<
complet clutch
motoguzzi v75 year '99 italian police
i need complet clutch for this model

Sat Nov 22 2008
heurlin.thierry at
old pub
moto guzzi 50
'77 or '78 pub

Thu Oct 30 2008
a-w9201 at yahoodot com<
1973 moto guzzi el dorado
I have a moto guzzi el dorado 850 and am in desperate need of parts manual or anything of the source help.

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Sat Oct 25 2008
info at guzzistadot com<
Trouble at Moto Guzzi
Moto Guzzi
Hello, please pass this page to your members:

Guzzi groups and clubs are getting together to write to Piaggio.

Thank you

Squadra Guzzista

Sun Sep 28 2008
dbabic8 at
Owners manual
Moto Guzzi V35, model Polizia Militare
Purchased recently Moto Guzzi V35, model Polizia Militare in decent condition, but I need an Owners manual, in english, if possible.
Got a few questions on:
Upgrading engine from 350 cc to 500 cc, differences in engine and/or gearbox between V35 and V50.
Possibility of upgrading brakes with "integral brake system", which exists on other versions of V35.
Any data on V35 / V50 would be appreciated.
Zagreb, Croatia

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Mon Jan 28 2008
warsawwarrior1 at yahoodot com<
seals le mans saddle bags
moto guzzi 1972 elderado
need to find seals for le mans saddle bags,for the cover that opens & closes.Do you know where i can purchase the weather seals so it closes tight...They are dry rotted...Moto guzzi 1972, 850 cc,s. can you help me ? thank you.
swanton ohio, 43558 USA

Sun Jan 27 2008
lassehorskjaer at
spare parts
Moto Guzzi "Zigolo" 98 ccm. 2.-stroke single cyl.
Need new/used parts:17 in. alu rims - exhaust system - 14 tooth chain-sprocket + flywheel magnet parts - brake & clutch cables etc.

Tue Jan 08 2008
pbergstr at
Moto Guzzi Scrambler 125cc
I found this ad page for the Moto Guzzi and I thought you might like a copy of the scan. Peter Bergstrom<

Thu Dec 06 2007
rholland20 at yahoodot com<
moto guzzi
le mans 850 1983
hello , hoping you could help us with finding a owners manual for the above model

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Fri Oct 26 2007
utland at
Hi I´m representing Moto Guzzi Club of Sweden and wonder if you would be intrested in putting a link to our site on your site.
Helsingborg, Sweden

Mon Oct 15 2007
mudone at
I am after the v65sp side cover badges after much running around i am unable to soarce them<

Thu Aug 30 2007
lynn.isaac at
Moto Guzzi Stornello 125 1962
I wish to Contact Angelo Tadini at Tadini Angelo Officina Moto. Corso Europa, 63 24020, Scanzorosciate (GB) Italy, a friend needs several Parts.
WALES United Kingdom

Wed Apr 04 2007
tecox1 at bigponddot com<
Wanted to buy
Moto Guzzi 750 S3
Am desperately searching to buy the above bike.
Are you able to help?


Tim Cox.

Great bike - I had one of these for a short while back in 1979 which I'd traded a Triumph special for. I'd sold a V7 GT to buy that.
Recommend you try the MGOA

Sat Mar 24 2007
jstas at
T5 parts book & w/shop manual
1993 850 T5
I have a friend who owns a T5. He needs to do some work on it and also replace a rear oil seal and needs a r/h side cover. Does anyone know where I can download a manual and parts book for him?
Regards John (Californian)
This is all I have at the moment, but I will go over to Andrew's place asap and take some decent clearer pics so you can see side cover details and the bike complete.
Many thanks for your reply.
Andrew is one of those blokes that will help everyone out at the drop of a hat, but now he is in a bind so I figure we can help him out this time. Having one of the T 5 models is almost a problem in itself although it does make the bike a little unique, even if some refer to them as the Frankenstein of Guzzis...bit unfair hey.
All the best for now
John Robertson (Tassy)

Underbraked, overweight, a Watt's flywheel, slower than a wet week... and bog-ugly. No, Frankenstein's fair. Ed.

Try this page:
Makes/Moto_Guzzi/Literature/ Hello everyone, I grabbed some pics of Andrew's T5 this arvo, road dirt and all.

As well as the r/hand side cover and badge, (which he only lost a month or so ago), he also needs tacho and speedo cables (and the small olive that goes on the end of the speedo cable ...!?...)

Do you know of any replacement clock that will fit the fairing? The lens is totally white and as far as I know the clock doesn't work anyway. I thought a Smiths car or marine type one might, but would rather know for sure if others have previously fitted something to their own bikes before buying and trying.

His mufflers are also on the way out and I have no idea if there are any after market replica replacements for these.

I'm encouraging him to gradually get his bike back into good street condition. With a re upholstered seat and the fairing re-paointed and striped it would look good.

He used to be one of our "Posties", but was knocked off his little AustPost Honda when a car reversed out of a driveway onto him. He's now on a disability pension, so things happen slowly.

Hise wife enjoys the occasional day out on the bike so hopefully you can help them, get it happening better for them.
I've just helped him replace his pads and bleed his discs, so that part of things seems to be ok now.

How much is MGOA club membership any way ? I might even try to join them up, just to give them a bit of a boost.

Bye for now
John Robertson

Hi, Regarding your request for a Parts book for a T5 1993? .I think you
mean 1983. NSW Club has numerous parts list in Micro fiche ( which you need a fiche reader ) form as by that stage the factory was not producing parts books,Manuals were still in paper form. As of today there are no manuals or parts list printed on paper by the factory only in CD form.

It is possible to copy the fiche to a paper format but we have to find some
one that will do it first, as I will not lend it out to a non club member. We don't have a manual but you could try Moto One or Stein Dinse in Melbourne but be warned some of the copies out there are copies of copies and are not that clear.

Advice on a cali from members... well maybe, but what model are we talking about?
Calis have been produced since 1972.
Brett Rosenthal
President MGOA

Tue Mar 06 2007
bduvelius at [bounced]
what is it worth
1972 moto guzzi ambassador
i have a 1972 ambassador that has been 100% restored and has 6018 miles on it since restoration. i have been offered 3000.00 usd. for it. is this a good price or is my moto worth more and if it is , how much more. thanks,brian

I believe it may well be worth more than $3000, but without viewing it's rather hard to say. The page of classic motorcycle price resources at may prove informative.
See the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices

Fri Feb 09 2007
chris.watts13 at ntlworlddot com<
have a nice V65 Lario, runs fine and looks the part. Have been told that the eary models had a problem with the valves and this was cured by a factory mod. Anyone know how to identify if my machine has had the mod or what was involved in making them less fragile in the valve dept ??


Chris Watts.
Lincolnshire, UK.

Yes, I believe that's true, but if your bike is running fine after all these years then it's probable that it's been modified or was not affected. Ed.

Mon Oct 23 2006
info at guzzistadot com<
Moto Guzzi
Hi there, we've set up a Guzzi enthusiast site in England and would like to contact Guzzisti around the world…

We are at

Squadra Guzzista

Fri Nov 03 2006
focamocagti at yahoodot com<
guzzi 350cc
i need contact points or electronical ignition v50\v65 for moto guzzi 350cc 1984 v model
romania europe

Thu Oct 26 2006
bremoit at hotmaildot com<
giulari seat
72 moto guzzi eldorado
looking to buy the large black and white solo seat on the 72 MG california. I am in Memphis, TN USA. Please advise
Memphis, TN USA

Sun Oct 22 2006
heavy.dee at
Moto Guzzi
lodola gran turismo
Hi there, I have a Guzzi Lodola , same number appears on frame and engine - *RCE60*
Is there anyway of determining year of manufacture and what exact model it was? Thanks in advance- Gary

Mon Sep 11 2006
dbprice at
tank bag
2002 LeMans
I want one for this bike but I can't find one. Any ideas?
New York

Try browsing the Luggage directory at Bikelinks:

Thu Aug 24 2006
ddunn at
Motoguzzi 850 Lemans
1977 Model ( VE15756 )
I am looking at purchasing the above Guzzi, could you advise if this is a MKI OR MKII ?
Sydney Australia

If it's a '77 model then it is almost certainly a Mk1 as I don't think the MkII came out until about 1980. Ed.

Mon Jul 31 2006
Aries1404 at aoldot com<
moto guzzi three wheeler car
moto guzzi / 1950s model
I am desperately seeking parts for this vehicle. Any ideas where I might get parts either in Italy or Uk?
Scotland / Italy

Mon Jul 31 2006
ppos at
Moto Guzzi Dating
Moto Guzzi Stornello 125 Scrambler
I need urgently to know the date of manufacture
Engine T*84 LI *
Frame T*47LI* 10M82780M

Wed Jul 12 2006
ogallar1954 at hotmaildot com<

This really is a rather unusual Guzzi site. Ed.

Tue Jun 06 2006
wtrotta at aoldot com<
parts ??????
2005 nevada 750
some jerk hit it while parked. i need a front fender mounting bracket. i've called piaggio usa. what a joke. no customer help at all. i alos need a right blinker. n.y. dealer has called all over states. nobody has parts. i love the bike,but what good is it if i cant get parts.
n.y. u.s.a.

Thu Jun 01 2006
charles68 at
single two stroke
have a moto guzzi motor its very old and is similar to the motor from the motoleggera . It has the same configuration but the right hand side cover is slightly different. The left hand circular cover is the same and has Moto guzzi cast into it. Any Ideas Cheers Charlie
Sorry the pics are not very good mate, I am not much of a photographer :-)
The engine has been caked in grease for the last 20 years and I just gave it a quick degreasing before I took the shots, Unfortunately the High Tension lead has decayed as you can see in the photos but the casings etc are still in very nice condition.
If my luck runs true to form this will be a very common engine, but I will leave that in the hands of an expert...
Thanks for your help mate I really appreciate it
Kind Regards

Sun Apr 30 2006
cornmeister at hotmaildot com<
Guzzi Longlegged advertisments.
Hello Sheldon, I would originals or copies of the Guzzi long legged ads/posters featured on your website.Do you know where I can purchase these,or copies of them?
Regards, Michael McCann,
Kilkenny, Ireland

  • No, Micheal, I don't. If you find them, please let me know as I'd love to have better versions. Ed.

Thu Apr 13 2006
a.siri at
Moto Guzzi 400 GTS 1977
Vendo Moto Guzzi 400 GTS 1977, 4 cilindri perfettamente funzionante, 17.000 Km.
Richiedo 2.000,00 Euro

April 4th 2006
gwuopl at yahoodot com<
I also sell this:

Moto Guzzi DINGO GT 49cc
working, with all documents, from 1969, 3000Km<
at 600. I'm based in Milan Italy

Many thanks again,

Sat Apr 01 2006
rjhg-k at
moto guzzi. zigolo. 110cc, aug 1962
trouble with first gear.would be thankful for information for spare parts for the model above. thank you.

Mon Mar 20 2006
karl at
Hi guys I'm looking for a matching set of con-rods for my 850T4 1981/82, does anyone have a pair, or knowes where to get them from.thanx.
newport, pems

Anyone who has secondhand Guzzi parts is likely to have conrods - the rods are basically the same in all bigblock engines up until at least 1985. Try the section for Moto-Guzzi Dealers at Bikelinks. Ed.

Jan 18th 2006
Do you by any chance have any knowledge of an alternative bulk chain supplier for timing chains for the Guzzi small block models. Regina no longer make the chain.
Hi Peter,
Not offhand, no. Can you give me the chain specs and I'll see what I can find. I'm sure there was an alternative way back when.
V50/V65/Lario smallblock camchain
Part# 19 06 80 21
Heavier than Tsubaki BF05M and BF05T

subject: Moto Guzzi Military half track 1960
Email: bikebarn at
message: Dear Sir,

We recently purchases a Moto Guzzi military half track claimed to be 1960. I attached a pix of it. It is a two cylinder. We purchased this for our museum and would appreciate any info. or where we would go to obtain literature on this. We also have a 1962 Moto Guzzi dump truck among the numerous Guzzi's in our museum. museum website.


Judi e.Laubach

Bill's Old Bike Barn
7145 Columbia Blvd.
Bloomsburg, Pa. 17815
(570) 759-7030
[Please Note - email replies have bounced. Tried twice. Ed.]

Tue Sep 06 2005
eloiduez at hotmaildot com<
Moto Guzzi,
Hello, I found this motor bike, misses just the front headlight, will be for my wife, motor,moto-guzzi, will motoleggera 65cc of 1947

6th Sept 2005
subject: stornello help
Email: baniplayboy at yahoodot com<
message: where can i get parts for a 1963 Stornello, such as piston kit valves and clutch please need your help

Mon Aug 15 2005
rossbarronstorey at aoldot com<
moto guzzi v-8
where does the painting of the moto guzzi come from?
do you sell prints?

The image is by Barron Storey, but I don't believe prints are available.

Mon Aug 15 2005
JosephK.s-Plight at hotmaildot com<
1984 Moto Guzzi V65 SP- Need Repair Manual
Hello, I have recently acquired a semi-beat up 1984 Moto Guzzi V65 SP and was wondering if you could direct me to a shop,and/or store in which I can purchase a repair manual. The gas tank is rusted, as well as other parts and a manual would be fantastic to help me repair this bike. I live in Milford, PA and would also like to know where the nearest Moto Guzzi outlet might be to my home, in case I need to purchase new parts, ETC. I am also willing to go to New York City for a repair shop/outlet, so a location in NYC would be greatly appreciated as well. Thank you and I hope you can be of service to my dillemma.

Thu Jul 21 2005
trevallyn.h at
1933 Moto Guzzi Sport 15 parts manual
I would like to find out if you have, or can put me onto anyone with a manual for my motorcycle that I am restoring. In the process of restoring it, some parts have been stolen and I need to get replacement parts. But to do this I need part numbers... You see my dilema!


I appreciate the speedy reply, I have attached the only picture I have of it before I started the restoration process. It isn't very clear but alas its all I have.

I was in the process of getting the correct size roller bearings for the crank because of the age and wear and tear, we had to machine a bit and thus needed oversize bearings. The mechanic had the parts in his car and the worst possible thing happened, his car was stolen, along with my crank shaft, bearings and con-rod. I have no record of the part numbers. I was put in contact with Angelo Tadini in Italy, he says there are two different con-rods for my particular model, AND he only deals through another gentleman by the name of Duilio Agostini. There are two problems: the number I was given does not seem to work, and he only works on part numbers. SO I am sure you understand my frustration, over an above the language problem, non of them are aware of a wonderful little thing called e-mail, they are all on snail mail or fax.

I do hope you can aid me in my search, there are a few other odds and ends I need: one being a new chrome exhaust/silencer, the other being the rubber knee pads on the side of the tank, and lastly an original headlight, mine is original but I believe its was sort of optional.

I assume almost all of what i need will be in this parts catalogue and I will need numbers in order to get anything from Italy.


P.S. I am not sure if you are aware of the DJ motorcycle run in South Africa, it is one of the biggest old bike runs today. This Bike has completed the + - 800 km distance on 4 occasions.

The rally is only open to bikes built up to and including 1936. It comprises of regularity sections over most of the course and spans 2 days. It starts in Durban and runs to a town called Newcastle for the halfway stop over night and then through to Johannesburg the following day. It usually attracts a field of over 120 motorcycles ranging from 1910 (My motorcycle aswell, 1910 Bradbury) to 1936, Nortons, BSA's, Sunbeams, Scott's, Bmw's, Royal Enfield's, almost any legendary bike you can imagine...

I can send you more details if you wish.

Wed Jun 15 2005
derosssd at
motoguzzi dingo manual
I would like to know if i could get a manual and parts book for my motoguzzi dingo i am restoring ( in english). Please let me know Thank you Scott

There is a Spanish site which has an online manual for the Dingo, listed in the Moto Guzzi Singles section of Bikelinks. Ed.

Thu May 26 2005
jbq at
Guzzi side cover badges
Looking for left hand side cover badge for 83 Lemans mk 3
any suggestions

I take it that the badges are no longer available new. You might try some of the dealers listed in Bikelinks Moto Guzzi Dealers. Ed.

Wed May 11 2005
miles.greenway at adi-limiteddot com<
AIr Filter
I have a 1996 nevada 750 NT. Any idea of an easy way to change the air filter.

Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005
subject: V 35 restaured to sell
Email: jeanmariejmd at aoldot com<
message: for 7500 € a very nice and genuine V 35 to sell

Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005
subject: Moto Guzzi Stornello 160 1963??
Email: Kim.lange at fluordot com<
message: Can you please tell me more about them, and what is the value of them if you decide to sell and who do you contact? I live in South Africa.
Extensive information (in Italian) on the Stornello at, and basic specifications at Ed.

Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005
subject: guzzi 65cc 1951
Email: a.remonato1 at
message: cerco guzzi 65cc mod. anno 1951 senza documenti possibilmente completo

April 18, 2000
I happened to find myself seated next to a pleasant young woman on a flight from Beijing to Shanghai. When she told me that she was half German/half Italian, I mentioned that I rode a Moto Guzzi. She said that in Italy these bikes are sometimes referred to as "diaboli di strata" or "devils of (the) road." She knew that Guzzi's were big bikes, and while she may not have known the difference between a Guzzi and a Ducati, I'd guess the term applies to big bikes in general. In any case, I liked this phrase and I thought I'd pass it along to the list. Seems that the slightly sinister reputation of motorcyclists isn't limited to Harley riders in the US.

Also, if you've not heard the words "Moto Guzzi" properly pronounced by an Italian, the sound is wonderful.
Rich A

From Dan Gogswell:
"Devils of the road" would be "Diavoli della strada".

From Tim Crump:
Hey Rich, Cogswell is right. The correct translation would be as he says "Diavoli della strata".

<Ben English:>

It is a tragedy that Guzzi hasn't developed the small block more, and when it has, hasn't exported them to North America. If I could get my hands on a nice V75, I might actually own a Guzzi, instead of merely recommending them to (and maintaining them for) all my friends and relatives. For all their virtues, the big blocks just weigh too much by my idealized standards. And the V50 is just too slow. I've never ridden a V65 though... that might convince me. Then I'd have to raise the US$2500 or more that seems to be the going rate for decent V65s... unfortunately not a likely scenario for me. Max output of small models according to a 1989 factory Workshop Manual:

V35: 35 hp at 8100 rpm V35 Imola: 36 hp at 8200 rpm<
V50III: 47 hp at 7500 rpm V50 Monza: 48 hp at 7600 rpm<
V65: 52 hp at 7050 rpm<
and (factory specs) from another source:
V75 Nevada: 48 hp at 6200 rpm

This goes just to illustrate that bigger displacement on the small models is no guarantee for substantial gain of maximal output power. As far as max output is concerned the V50 and V65 seem to represent the optimal ratio of power to weight.
Bigger displacement however DOES pay of when torque is considered, since it results in more torque and - most importantly - usable torque over a wider range of revs.
Riding a V65 © myself, I've never ridden a V50. From what I hear people seem to complain more often about lack of power of a V50 than a V65. Seems to me that the real issue here is torque rather than max output. The V75 models, on the other hand, seem to have been developed with maximal bottompower in mind. The Nevada is a cruiser rather than a bike to ride sportslike. This may be the reason why the V75 Targa - described by Dave Richardson as the "slowest 750 sportsbike on the market" - wasn't very successful.

In fact IMHO the V65 would have been the best engine to base a sportsbike on. With more torque, more ridebilaty, many small improvements and only a marginal increase in weight it would have made a substantial improvement over the V50 Monza. The most important reason I can think of why Guzzi never developed such a "V65 Monza" is that its 650 cc would put it unfavorably in competition with racebikes above 600 cc, whereas the V50 Monza more comfortably competes with bikes up to 500 cc. Its race-competitiveness on the track set aside, IMHO on the road a "V65 Monza" would have been the best sportsbike you can make based on a small block. I might make me one myself someday... As to the development of the small blocks. The 4 valve setup on various models like the Lario offers a substantial gain in hp but (apparently) at the cost of less reliability.

The only other way to go is to dispose of the Heron-head setup on these models, which is the real obstacle to more hp's. If it's true that the Ippogrifo-engine has hemispherical combustion chambers, a new sportsbike model based on the small block may eventually become an option.

Moral: If you're looking for a fast, small, and light bike a V65 is the Guzzi to go, but there is still room for development. Hope the factory will realize this in the near future.

Ciao, Rob van Maris [robvanm at]
1985 V65C: 112,543 km's at last count

Re - Guzzi ID marks - A little bit of an outline if it helps. I could probably locate more if you want them or your bike isn't included.

Frame ID :-
VE11111 - VE13040 early Le Mans.
VE13041 - VE24086 Le Mans II
VC - 850T 1974 to 1975
VD - all round barrel 850 models (T3/T4/T3 Calif' 1975 - 1985) except Le Mans.
VF - Le Mans Mk III 1981 - 1984.
VG - all round barrel 950cc models (Convert/Spada/Spada NT/G5 1975 - 1985).
VH - Spada II 1984 - 1987.
VN - Spada III 1988 on.
VR - 850 T5 16" front wheel 1984 on.

Best regards,

davies06 at Dave Davies, Belton, North Lincolnshire, UK.

( [404] )

MOTO GUZZI is set to reveal an all-new engine to power its next generation of bikes - including a rip-snorting World Superbike challenger.

The 1000cc V-twin, which will be unveiled next month, breaks with Guzzi tradition by using water cooling for the first time on a twin. And a 75-degree angle between the cylinders, instead of Guzzi's usual 90 degrees, means bikes can look sleeker and be more aerodynamic.

Guzzi will also ditch shaft-drive on the new sporty models. The new engine is fuel injected and has four valves per cylinder and chain-driven twin overhead cams. It will have to produce at least 120bhp to compete with Italian rivals such as Ducati's 916 and Japanese V-twins including Suzuki's TL1000R and Honda's VTR1000.

The new bikes will be produced in Guzzi's new Monza factory which will be able to make up to 20,000 bikes per year against today's 6500.


Dear Fellow Mailing Listees,

About a year ago I E-mailed a message concerning production figures of Guzzi from 1921 - 1940. During the last year I did more research, and have now finally finished investigating all the production figures of all production single cylinder bikes from 1940 - present, with the exception of the Nuovo Falcone and the later two strokes like the 125 C. These will follow, time permitting.... The list I made if from now on used by the factory as well and contains also all military bikes, production racers and three-wheelers.

Also the V-twins are coming together now, though this is not completed yet. What is available are all production figures of all (V)(35)/(50)/(65)/(75) Custom, Florida and Nevada models per year, and the production figures of all California models, and Le Mans models (incl. 1000 S and 1100 Sport, until 1995. (Not Included: V7, V7 Special, 850 GT, Ambassador, Eldorado, V7 Sport, S/S3/T.. T5/SP.. SPIII/Mille GT/Strada!!).
Also this list is used by the factory as of now.

So if any of you want to know how many bikes of your type were made, mail me and I will let you know. For example, if you want to know how many Le Mans's were made in 1978, I will inform you that there were 1737.

And if you want more info on the (development history) of these bikes, stay tuned for Greg Field's book on the history of the big Guzzi V-twins. It is really a superb book, which covers the history in extend and absolutely brilliant and truthful. The amount of research he has conducted is impressive, and has lead to much new information on the bikes, especially the American Guzzi versions like the Ambassador and the Eldorado. Check the book out, it outclasses Twins and also Colombo (which contains quite a few mistakes, though not near as many as Twins...).(Sheldon's note: is taking orders for Greg's book already)

Ivar de Gier, guzziman at

Here is an article taken from La Gazzetta dello Sport of September 18, 1998:

La Guzzi resterà a Mandello
La Moto Guzzi resterà a Mandello del Lario (Lecco). Lo ha deciso ieri il consiglio d'amministrazione della Casa per le difficoltà incontrate nella realizzazione dell'ipotesi di trasferimento a Monza (Milano) nell'ex stabilimento della Philips. Gli attuali impianti produttivi di Mandello saranno però aggiornati agli standard di efficienza che sarebbero stati consentiti dalla nuova sede. Inoltre il Cda ha confermato che entro la fine dell'anno la Moto Guzzi Corporation verrà quotata presso il Nasdaq di New York, con l'obiettivo di finanziare la propria crescita aumentando le risorse disponibili già entro la fine del 1998.

Guzzi to stay in Mandello
Moto Guzzi will remain in Mandello del Lario (Lecco). It was decided by the board of directors due to the difficulties encountered in the planned move to Monza (Milano) in the building formerly occupied by Philis. The current factory in Mandello will be upgraded to the standards that would have been achieved in the new location. In addition the Cda (I do not know what this stands for) announced that by the end of the year Guzzi stock will be traded on the Nasdaq stock exchange, with the objective of financing the growth of the company increasing the resources available by the end of 1998.

You can find the article at: [404] at the end of the Motori section.

Best Regards
Claudio Cavalli
CCavalli98 at
claudiocavalli at
claudiocavalli at famiglia-cavallidot com

Hello fellow mailing listees,

Came back from Mandello a few days ago, which is still in a turmoil over the non-move to Monza. The new director, Dino Falciola, is appointed and it is now up to him to walk the thin line between the Guzzi-employees and the Guzzi stockholders. The new engine won't progress as quickly as it was intended previously, WSB racing in 2000 is uncertain, the new "Gilera-engined" single is uncertain, and the scooter, though introduced in prototype form at Munich, probably won't go in production at all.

Because of the unclear situation for many months about the (non-)move to Monza, production of the V11 Sport is delayed. A pity. Positive is the new V11 GT. A massive looking bike. The discussion about the "Grand Tourer" on this list, over a year ago, can be halted. The result is there. Unfortunately, it will go in production a year from now.

Visiting Italy was nice, as always. Spend time investigating the production numbers of the V7 models, and models like the Eldorado, Ambassador etc. Will come back on that on this list for those of us who want to now how many of their favorite bikes were produced, so please do not respond right now with these enquiries, since I am extremely stressed for time at the moment.

Also I bought from a retired Guzzi dealer his entire old stock. He retired early eighties, and had a lot of thirties/forties/fifties/sixties spare parts, including some racing engines and parts. Some of it is home now, but it will take several trips to Italy to get it all transported to Holland. What a hobby, even my uncle is building up a collection of classic Guzzi's at the moment...

Anyway, today I went over some -old- digest mails of this list, I'm hopeless behind on the reading. On these mails I read some E-mail stories on the Centauro, Daytona RS and Sport 1100 i from Americans and Europeans. Nice stories about the slow or speedy acceleration of the bike, problems with injection, etc. etc. E-mails which were answered by European owners of the same, or another fuel injected, Guzzi. Always very interesting indeed. But I would like to point out that European versions of these bikes are in some cases not the same as the American versions. And also in Europe itself there are differences. The Swiss versions are different then the other European versions. In my opinion, this is very important to know in order how to "place" the information given in an E-mail or otherwise message about these bikes.

For the convenience of the owners of these bikes who are on this list (MotoGuzzi List), and other people interested, I have made a list with the main differences. Below the info on the Sport 1100i, Daytona RS and the Centauro for the different world markets:

Camshaft timing.
The Sport 1100 i has for all markets the same camshaft timing:
[1mm play on the tappets]
Inlet valve opens at 22" before TDC
Inlet valve closes at 54" after BDC
Outlet valve opens at 52" before BDC
Outlet valve closes at 24" after TDC

The Daytona RS and the Centauro have for the USA, Switzerland and Singapore the following camshaft timing:
[1mm play on the tappets]
Inlet valve opens at 23"30' before TDC
Inlet valve closes at 57"30' after BDC
Outlet valve opens at 49"30' before BDC
Outlet valve closes at 12"30' after TDC
NB, this is the timing of the first model Daytona!

The Daytona RS for all other countries have the following camshaft timing:
[1mm play on the tappets]
Inlet valve opens at 22"30' before TDC
Inlet valve closes at 69"30' after BDC
Outlet valve opens at 63"30' before BDC
Outlet valve closes at 28"30' after TDC

NB This is the timing of the Racing Kit "C" camshafts as meant for the first series Daytona!

Valve play for all markets Daytona RS, Sport 1100 i, Centauro:
Inlet valves : 0.10 mm<
Exhaust valves : 0.15 mm

In the gearboxes of the Daytona RS and Sport 1100 I up to number CL
011199 and CF 011499 straight tooth gears have been used. The gearboxes from numbers CL 011200 and CF 011500 have spiral gears. Also, for all markets the gearbox of the Daytona RS and the Sport 1100 i are the same.

Underneath the ratio's:
Daytona RS & Sport 1100 i
1st speed: 1 : 1.812 Z=16/29
2nd speed: 1 : 1.250 Z=20/25
3rd speed: 1 : 1 Z=23/23
4th speed: 1 : 0.8333 Z=24/20
5th speed 1 : 0.7308 Z=26/19

For the gearbox of the Centauro only spiral teeth gears have been used.
Gearboxes are the same for all markets with the exeption of Switzerland.

Underneath the ratio's:
V10 Centauro
1st speed: 1 : 2 Z=14/28
2nd speed: 1 : 1.3158 Z=19/25
3rd speed: 1 : 1 Z=23/23
4th speed: 1 : 0.8462 Z=26/22
5th speed 1 : 0.7692 Z=26/20

V10 Centauro -SWISS VERSION-
1st speed: 1 : 2 Z=14/28
2nd speed: 1 : 1.3889 Z=18/25
3rd speed: 1 : 1.0476 Z=21/22
4th speed: 1 : 0.8696 Z=23/20
5th speed 1 : 0.750 Z=28/21

Primary drive ratios Daytona RS, Sport 1100 i, Centauro:
1 : 1.3529 Z=17/23
Centauro -Swiss Version-: 1 : 1.235 Z=17/21

Weber injection/ignition system alfa/N.
Please note that the injectors of the injection system on the 2 valve

Sport 1100 i aren't the same as the injectors on the 4 valve Daytona RS and Centauro models.
Sport 1100 i : Weber injector IW031
Daytona RS and Centauro : Weber injector IW724

Both systems have a few more components which vary. Like the temperature transducers. The transducer gives an electrical signal which is a function of the engine temperature with the 4 valve models (engine temperature transducer). The Sport 1100 i has an oil temperature transducer. The signal of the transducer is fed into the electronical control centre ("engine management computer") and will produce the correction factor for the mixture strength as a function of the engine temperature (Daytona RS/Centauro) or oil temperature (Sport 1100 i).

The transducer consists of a NTC thermistor and is either contained in a brass threaded capsule or a plastic threaded capsule (Daytona RS & V10 Centauro for the USA, Switzerland, Singapore). The Sport 1100 i has for all markets a plastic threaded capsule.

Also the throttle position transducers are different on the Daytona RS/Centauro and the Sport 1100 i. The 4-valve model is a Weber PF09. The throttle position transducer is a potentiometer which is fed by the electronical control unit which receives the feedback of the throttle position. This information is used to adjust the basic mixture, the jumps in power demand and phase adjustment at the start.

The electronical control center has an adhesive over the rubber cap. Besides being a seal, it also prevents water from coming in. When new, off factory, on the seal the words "Moto Guzzi" are printed red.

Aftermarket seals are ONLY available with the words "Moto Guzzi" printed in green color. So the color of the seal will tell whether the injection box has been opened before. Both the 2-valve model as the 4-valve models have the check lamp of the electronical control center placed under the seat. If at fault, blinking codes will make a diagnosis.

Evaporative emission control system.
The USA and Singapore Sport 1100 i, Daytona RS and Centauro models have quite an extensive "evaporative emission control system", the ventilation gasses of the fuel tank are well filtered by two carbon canisters on all models.

Two models front brake discs have been used on the Daytona RS. Both 320mm Brembo full floaters, but the heart of the disc is more open on the later type. This type is the same as mounted on the Sport Corsa 1100 i.

All the best,
Ivar de Gier

1997 South African "Rhino Rally" Concours Winning 1982 Moto Guzzi LM III
by Hennie Maartens
dashdash at

Event was held November 1-2, 1997 in Orkney, South Africa. Rather obsure little mining town, chosen as venue probably because of its proximity to Johannesburg. Has a splendid campsite on
 the banks of a river. Pictured is winner Antoon du Toit, his lady, Ronel and her son Garner. The project was a "family effort". All three participated in whatever needed to be done to prepare.

The Rhino, if not the biggest, then number two, was attended by 5,000+ bikes. What makes the win noteworth is that Guzzi is more or less extinct over here. We have only casual dealers and certainly no importer. There was some formidable opposition from newer bikes with the backing of established dealer networks.

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